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Exploring the three fundamental aspects of IoT interoperability: a standardized data format, architecture and client-server operations.

IoT Device Management using LwM2M

In recent years, the use of devices and systems that utilize data to function in an intelligent manner has become commonplace. Machines that make high-level decisions comparable to humans and those that surpass humans in performing work depending on how they are applied have also appeared.

From automation to autonomy and collaboration, manufacturing robots are advancing to become smarter

When digitization meets connectivity, you enter the smart factory. As an essential part of the fourth industrial revolution (Industry 4.0), it aims to optimize smart manufacturing processes. The fully digitized manufacturing facility of the smart factory uses devices, sensors, machinery, and production systems to continuously collect and share data.

Smart Factory: When Digitization Meets Connectivity

The Industrial Revolution began in Britain sometime around 1760. It ushered in a period where coal-fired steam engines powered increased mechanization and productivity and transformed a largely agrarian society into a manufacturing one.

How Industrial IoT and ML are powering Industry 4.0

Announcing the December Build Month. A program to support developers in building their next IoT project with cellular technology.

Monogoto's Cellular IoT Build Month

Raspberry Pi is a UK invention, which started out as a small single-board computer (SBC) intended for educational purposes. It was originally developed by the Raspberry Pi Foundation, who wanted to produce a low-cost SBC for teaching basic computer science.

The Rise Of Raspberry Pi In Industrial Settings

Smart pneumatics represents another branch of development in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). This latest evolution of traditional manufacturing and industrial practice is centred around the intercommunication of machines.

What Is Smart Pneumatics?

Technology leveraging SLAM and Computer Vision accelerates the warehousing towards Industry 4.0.

Advanced positioning technology guiding mobile robots to Industry 4.0.

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How Tesla used robotics to survive "Production Hell" and became the world's most advanced car manufacturer

Automation is one of the cornerstones of warehousing in Industry 4.0, but it will require a combination of technology working in concert to make it a success.

New Technology Ecosystems Guide the Future of Automation

After decades of falling prices, robots are far more affordable than ever. Unfortunately, automation is still too expensive for most manufacturers and many applications.

READY Sessions - Cost of Automation

The study is about the transformation of the manual assembly process of medical test kits by integrating the learning factory and digital twin. Lean manufacturing principles and lean thinking are introduced to revamp value-added activities; reduce waste and level-load human utilization.

Adopting Lean Manufacturing Principles and Learning Factory Concepts for Productivity Optimization

Electroforming benefits designers across the aerospace, medical, electronics, and renewable energy industries.

Industry Breakthroughs Enabled by Electroforming: From Energy to Electronics

Online Manufacturing is alleviating the problem of material price fluctuations - enabling companies to focus on innovation.

Online Manufacturing is the key to price-stable custom parts procurement

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