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For several years now, energy storage in salt batteries has been advertised as an environmentally friendly concept that can help accelerate the heat transition. However, product development has only truly hit its stride since recently, says Jelle Houben, PhD candidate at TU/e.

Salt battery for home use

Article #5 of Innovations in Electric and Autonomous Vehicles Series: EV batteries and chargers evolve, and as traditional auto sales dropped, EV sales continued to rise over the past years. What will this mean for investors and consumers? Where is the tech taking us and what stands in the way?

The State of Electric Vehicles in 2023: Trends in the Development and Adoption of Electric Vehicles

KIT researchers characterize the chemical processes at the electrodes of lithium-ion batteries by means of simulations

Batteries: Major Mystery of the Passivation Layer Solved

A research team at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) has discovered a material class with above-average conductivity. This is a decisive step forward in the development of high-performance solid-state batteries. Investigations conducted at the Research Neutron Source Heinz Maier-Leibnitz (FRM II) made an essential contribution to the discovery.

Solid-state battery: New material class with excellent ion conductivity

In spite of their many disadvantages, batteries remain one of the key components in contemporary electronics. While changing their structure entirely is impossible due to the chemical and physical processes happening inside, scientists, startups, and major companies are searching for ways to reinvent them or adopt totally new approaches.

Students Make a Battery That Can Be Wirelessly Recharged up to 500 Times

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