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ROHM Semiconductor BD14210G-EVK-001 Evaluation Board

An evaluation board that allows users to evaluate the features of the BD14210G current sense amplifier.


ProductEvaluation Boards
TypeCurrent Sensor
Output TypeSingle Ended
Supply Voltage2.7 to 5.5
Common Mode Voltage-0.2 to 26
Operating Temperature-40 to 125
ApplicationsIndustrial Equipment, Motor Control, Power Supply Monitoring, Telecom Equipment, Battery Monitoring


The evaluation board includes FR-4 (~125°C) material and 2oz (70μm) copper thickness. The BD14210G-LA current sense amplifier features low offset voltage and low input bias current. It is a useful tool for developers who want to use the BD14210G in their prototypes and applications. It is ideally used in industrial equipment and telecom equipment. 

BD14210G-EVK-001 Evaluation Board Features  

The BD14210G-EVK-001 Evaluation Board features a high-performance, low-noise current sense amplifier. It has a maximum current range of 100A and a typical noise level of 20µV. The board has a bandwidth of 1 MHz and a low noise figure of 0.3 nV/√Hz. The board gives accurate measurements of current, which can be important in applications where precise current measurement is critical. 

This evaluation board operates from a single power supply with a voltage ranging from 2.7V to 5.5V. It has a wide common-mode voltage range from -0.2V to +26V and provides analog voltage as an output. The matched gain resistor minimizes gain error and realizes low offset voltage. The input bias current is 1 μA at typical conditions. 

The board includes a regulated power supply that provides a stable power source for the BD14210G. The power supply has a nominal output voltage of 5 V and a maximum output current of 1 A. The regulated power supply guarantees a safe and consistent voltage output, which helps protect sensitive components from potential damage.

The evaluation board provides headers and connectors for power supply input, motor output, and external device interfaces for swift connectivity. This enables quick and straightforward integration with other system components and peripherals. 

The board has several test points that allow users to connect the BD14210G to a variety of test equipment. The test points are labeled, thus making it swift for users to identify the pins connected to the signals and simplify troubleshooting problems. The evaluation board monitors and senses currents in industrial and telecom equipment. 

Getting Started with BD14210G-EVK-001 Evaluation Board

Here are the steps on how to use the evaluation board:

1. Assemble the board to start using it.

2. Connect the board to the power supply. 

3. Connect the board to your PC using a USB cable.

4. Download and install ROHM EVK GUI SW to configure the board and measure the current flowing through the current sense amplifier.

5. Once the software is installed, you can measure the current flowing through the current sense amplifier. The software provides a GUI that allows you to view the current measurements.


The BD14210G-EVK-001 Evaluation Board is used in various applications, including industrial equipment, motor control, power supply monitoring, telecom equipment, and battery monitoring. It is also utilized to monitor the current flowing through motors, power supplies, consumer devices, medical devices, and other electrical components in industrial equipment. The evaluation board also senses the current flowing through a motor to control its speed and torque.



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