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Nordic Semiconductor nRF7002-DK Wi-Fi® 6 Development Kit

A single-board development kit for low-power Wi-Fi 6 applications.


Product CategoryWiFi development tools
Antennas2.4 GHz, 5.0 GHz, and NFC
Compatible with nRF7002
Wi-Fi Protocol802.11 ax
Input Voltage2.9 to 5 Volts
ApplicationsBattery-operated Wi-Fi applications, Industrial Sensors, Smart homes, Wearable devices, Agriculture.


The nRF7002-DK Wi-Fi 6 Development kit is developed by Nordic Semiconductor and is used for the evaluation of the nRF7002 Wi-FI companion IC. It’s a single-board development kit featuring the essential tools for the rapid development of low-power Wi-Fi 6 applications. The board features the nRF5340 multiprotocol system-on-chip (SoC). It works as the host device and enables seamless development for applications involving OFDMA, target wake time, and beamforming.

Single-Board Design for Rapid Development and Prototyping

The development kit features the nRF7002-DK WiFi companion IC to ensure a smooth and reliable Wi-Fi connection. It also features an NFC antenna to ensure a reasonable communication range, allowing easy integration and wireless prototyping for various applications. It uses the WiFi 6 802.11 ax protocol, with adequate support for Thread, Zigbee, and ANT wireless network protocols to allow simplistic IP-based communication. It makes the development board more suitable for wireless sensor networks and an array of other industrial and smart home applications. 

The board also features an nRF5340 (SoC). It features a powerful high-performance 128 MHz Arm Cortex-M33 application core and an ultra-low-power 64MHz Cortex M-33 network core. Its multiprotocol radio ensures smooth connectivity over Bluetooth LE, Bluetooth Mesh, Thread, and Zigbee protocols. 

The nRF7002 board also features Arduino-compatible connectors and current measurement pins for low-power Wi-Fi applications. There are two programmable buttons and support for multiple RTOS and Linux operating systems.  

Highly Integrated nRF7002 Companion IC for IoT Systems

The nRF7002 Wi-Fi 6 is a companion IC to ensure low-power applications for Wi-Fi 6 systems. It can work with the existing Nordic SoCs like the nRF52 and nRF53 series. It’s also compatible with multiprotocol SoCs like the nRF91 series cellular IoT System-in-Package. Other than the primitive Nordic host devices, the development board also works with non-Nordic devices, which expands its use cases in several industrial sectors.  

Thanks to the nRF7002, the development board can easily connect to a wide range of IoT modules. It works with wireless protocols like Matter, Bluetooth LE, etc. Moreover, it can enhance the throughput for faster connectivity. 

Moreover, the support for Thread protocol makes this development board a feasible option for some of the top consumer IoT brands, including Apple, Amazon, Samsung, Google, Nordic Semiconductors, and many others. 

The nRF7002 features SPI and QSPI communication to interact with the host controllers. Moreover, a coexistence protocol enables it to work in the same hierarchy with other controllers. Thanks to its advanced connectivity features and tools, the development board has immense applications in robotics, smart homes, industrial IoT, sensor networks, agriculture, and wearable devices. 


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