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DEEP Robotics recently released its newest robotics technique, which is autonomous coordinated multi-robot exploration; the experiment is operated under a 3,000 m2 unknown environment with five Jueying X20 robot dogs.

Coordinated multi-robot dog exploration in unknown environment

Aaron Johnson’s Robomechanics Lab tested spherical foot designs to find the best fit for their biped robot with 15-cm legs.

Big steps for mini robots

Aaron Johnson’s Robomechanics Lab has developed an open-source software that enables more agile movement in legged robots.

Open-source software gives a leg up to robot research

The robotic explorer GLIMPSE, created at ETH Zurich and the University of Zurich, has made it into the final round of a competition for prospecting resources in space. The long-​term goal is for the robot to explore the south polar region of the moon.

Robot dog on the way to the moon

Researchers have been working on fast-paced strides for a robotic mini-cheetah – and their model-free reinforcement learning system broke the record for the fastest run recorded.

How the MIT mini-cheetah learns to run fast

A praying mantis for the moon, Mars and meteorites: the mantis-like robot "Mantis" is said to be able to independently explore planets and build an infrastructure with its claws.

The Praying Mantis As A Model - Six-Legged Robot To Build Infrastructure On Celestial Bodies

ETH researchers led by Marco Hutter developed a new control approach that enables a legged robot, called ANYmal, to move quickly and robustly over difficult terrain. Thanks to machine learning, the robot can combine its visual perception of the environment with its sense of touch for the first time.

How robots learn to hike

Benjamin Katz '16, SM '18 is applying the skills he gained working on MIT's mini cheetah robot to the ATLAS project at Boston Dynamics.

From "cheetah-noids" to humanoids

A new control system, demonstrated using MIT’s robotic mini cheetah, enables four-legged robots to jump across uneven terrain in real-time.

One giant leap for the mini cheetah

LEO carves out a new type of locomotion somewhere between walking and flying

LEONARDO, the Bipedal Robot, Can Ride a Skateboard and Walk a Slackline

Researchers from Carnegie Mellon University, the University of California, Berkeley, and Facebook AI didn’t just teach a robot to walk — they taught it how to learn to walk.

AI Allows Legged Robots To Adapt in Real-Time to Changing Conditions

Able to climb stairs, navigate rough terrain, and respond to commands, Spot, the mobile robotic dog, offers researchers an autonomous technology for innovations in infrastructure maintenance and repair

Robot Dog Makes Infrastructure Maintenance a Walk in the Park

Contribute to the development of a four-legged walking rover that is set to fly to the Moon with NASA in 2021 and 2022.

The Spacebit Engineering Challenge

Study finds patients are receptive to interacting with robots designed to evaluate symptoms in a contact-free way.

The (robotic) doctor will see you now

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