Introduction to our new podcast series

Get to know the people behind our new podcast series and discover what this new show is all about.

13 Jan, 2021

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Introduction to our new podcast series

We’re excited to announce our new podcast series called “The Next Byte”. 

Every day some of the most innovative universities, companies, and individual technology developers share their knowledge on in the form of informative articles, case studies, video’s, and product descriptions. Next to the Wevolver website, we also share this content on a range of social media channels in order to make sure as many people get to see this knowledge. 

To ensure we can also provide this knowledge for the growing group of podcast listeners, we started a collaboration with two young engineers, Daniel Scott Mitchell and Farbod Moghaddam. Every week, they handpick and discuss the most interesting content that has been shared on the Wevolver platform and publish it in the new podcast series.

About the hosts

Daniel is a 7-time tech intern, BSME student, entrepreneur, and a lifelong learner. He’s helped to build and launch products like the Tesla Model Y, Rivian’s electric delivery van, and Formlabs’ first SLS 3D-printer.

Dan has a wealth of experience in mechanical design, project management, balancing business/engineering requirements, and launching products in fast-paced environments. Above all, Dan is a maker (facio ergo sum) & passionate about designing and building the future.

Farbod is a recent Mechanical Engineering graduate from George Mason University currently employed as a Quality Engineer with a focus on automation at a leading international IoT company.

During his undergraduate career, he worked on sensor development using carbon nanomaterials (most notably graphene) and developed a corrosion detection robot for the DoD Corrosion Policy and Oversight Office for my senior year capstone project. His involvement with interdisciplinary projects further grew his curiosity about all STEM disciplines and Farbod enjoys increasing the breadth of his knowledge through interacting with the STEM community and sharing newfound knowledge.

Stay tuned

You can expect interesting conversations around A.I, robotics, digital manufacturing, autonomous vehicles and other engineering related topics.

In this first episode you will learn more about the new podcast series and Daniel and Farbod will talk about their backgrounds and motivations to launch this podcast.

You can follow the show on Apple podcasts, Spotify, and most of your favorite podcast platforms.

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13 Jan, 2021

More about The Next Byte

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The Next Byte Podcast is hosted by two young engineers - Daniel and Farbod - who select the most interesting tech/engineering content on and deliver it in bite-sized episodes that are easy to understand regardless of your background. If you'd like to stay up to date with our latest ep... learn more

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