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Batteries alone can’t power our future. However, finding a viable battery replacement can prove to be a difficult task. Perhaps the answer is an addition to batteries instead of trying to replace them.

Cables that Enable Better Batteries

KIT spin-off "Digital Power Systems" develops ultra-durable industrial power supplies

New power supply offers a service life of up to 50 years

The shift to renewable energy is on the rise as fossil fuel reserves deplete. Learn about the growing interest in pairing energy storage with solar power, the tradeoffs that come with doing so, and how Capacitech’s flexible supercapacitor technology can help customers overcome these challenges.

Cables that Store Solar Power, Help Batteries, and Save Money

Virtual and augmented reality are becoming increasingly useful for manufacturing, maintenance, construction and surveying activities, but what good is an advanced immersive visual medium if you can’t use it for very long?

Avoiding Dead Batteries in AR and VR Headsets

Battery cells come in rigid form factors that limit where and how they can be implemented in electric vehicles without forcing major design tradeoffs. Capacitech’s flexible energy storage products complements batteries, improves performance, enable features, and streamlines design.

Space Matters

Energy storage is a vague term. Here, we go through common questions people have about supercapacitors. Topics range from how batteries compare to supercapacitors, what energy density is, what power density is, and how supercapacitors are unique in both their construction and their application.

Supercapacitor FAQ

How can we make energy storage systems even better? We already have long lasting energy storage systems and high power energy storage systems. An ideal energy storage system should feature both high energy and high power. We explore how to make that possible.

Battery-Supercapacitor Hybrid Energy Storage Systems

A guide to leverage energy harvesting technology, meet peak power requirements for data transmission, and pairing batteries with supercapacitors as an energy storage system.

Maximizing IoT Device Performance & Operating Life

Flexible and discrete solutions to power storage and delivery.

How flexible supercapacitor technology will revolutionize the wearables industry

Wire-shaped capacitors offer the opportunity to boost power storage and improve power quality without sacrificing range or cargo space.

How to hide supercapacitors in electric vehicles


The Cable-Based Capacitor (CBC) is Capacitech’s proprietary wire-shaped supercapacitor optimized for space to miniaturize electronics and complement batteries.

Introduction to Cable-Based Capacitors

A change in form enables a discrete and distributed network of power storage.

Flexible Supercapacitors Unlock New Opportunities

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