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Robotics, R&D

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We speak robots and build them from the ground up! We tailor solutions to problems by listening, understanding, customizing, adapting and continuously improving to provide high-performance yet simple and intuitive robots that deliver positive future impact.

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MATT Framework is the core software application that was designed to allow users to calibrate, prototype, develop testing scenarios, and manually operate the MATT robot, making it as easy to interact with as possible.

How adding Python control to MATT Framework improved the functionality of Our Robots

Smart retail — those retail outlets that use data and automation for better decision-making and store operations — can provide retail managers with insights and help them unlock efficiencies that enable better customer service and improve revenue potential.

What Is Smart Retail?

ERIS, a robot specialized in scanning shelf labels created by Adapta Robotics, will soon be seen in supermarkets all across Romania

The Robot That Solves the Wrong Price Label Problem on Store Shelves

Training robust AI models can be challenging when using crowdsourced or publicly available datasets. The most useful neural networks are ones that replace expert knowledge to solve real problems. One example would be a visual inspection model for the factory floor.

Synthetic datasets-Or why you can't train robust models with generic data

As the Adapta Robotics team is an avid supporter of learning, and wanting to promote it in any way, shape or form, we decided to share with you the experience of one of our interns in the Students’ Program as he tackles the challenge of making MATT play chess.

The process of teaching MATT how to play Chess

Medical device testing & certification require methods defined by reliability and precision, critical characteristics while validating that medical devices safely & accurately perform while being used.

Robot Automated Medical Device Testing