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Wire Beings - A 3D Printable Robotic Platform With Expandable Chassis

A 3D Printable Arduino robotic platform offering expandable chassis to build various robot types.


Platform typeOpen Source
Components Sensors, servos, microcontrollers
Control MethodBluetooth
IntegrationBreadboards, shields, sensors
ApplicationsObstacle Detection, Surveillance, Inspection


3D Printable Robotic Platform

WireBeings is a robotic platform offering Arduino-powered 3D printable setups and kits. Since it is an open-source platform, users will face no accessibility issues. The platform offers everything, from downloadable .stl files to plans, integrations, codes, and tutorials for optimal robot development experience. 

The files can be downloaded for free from WireBeings' database. The 3D-printed expandable robotic platform offers much room for experimentation and exploration. Users can learn to program and create their task-specific robots and tools, such as surveillance robots, weather detection apps, and much more. 

Flex-Design for Need-Specific Robots 

Arduino 3D printable robotic platform is quite flexible. The Arduino Beta is compatible with almost all Arduino models. It is expandable to 5 servos, and there's sufficient space to fit three shields and three mini breadboards. 

The basic Arduino robotic setup is capable of sensing and avoiding obstacles. From there, users can experiment and integrate modules for an enhanced experience. For example, the model can be controlled via Android phones or laptops. However, it is flexible enough to be integrated with a voice control module. 

Applications of the 3D Printable Robotic Platform 

Wire Beings have launched several robotic projects for beginners and experts alike. Thanks to the expandable Arduino chassis, users can experiment and create different tools and devices. Codes and downloadable 3D printable files are also available with each of the following projects: 

Arduino for Beginners

For robot lovers beginning their journey, Arduino for beginners offers an excellent launching platform. This project is about building a rudimentary robot to sense and avoid obstacles. This model features an Arduino Uno shieldless motor and has two servos attached 360 degrees. The Robot can detect obstacles via HC SR04 sensors. So far, there are four different designs of this robotic model.   

Arduino RC Car

Arduino RC Car features Arduino IDE combined with an Adafruit clone board, downloaded and printed separately. An old RC car has been remodeled and programmed to be controlled by an Android phone's Bluetooth. The user leveraged the basic code written by Bill Tarpy and modified it slightly to function in their RC car setup. 

Intruder Alarm

This sensory tool sends a text message alert in case of trespassing. The Intruder Alarm features an HS-SR04 range sensor that sends an alert via WiFi. The message goes through Temboo, and the receiver gets the message via the Twilio account. Users can use the code available on the Wire Beings website and get help from a YouTube video tutorial. The intruder alarm is easy-to-built and can be connected to any internet network or cell phone service.



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