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Alif Semiconductor’s™ microcontrollers meet the market need for low-power, AI-enabled embedded solutions with unmatched levels of multi-layered security, and a fully integrated secure element.

How cutting-edge microcontrollers build security from the ground up

Developers are constantly seeking new high-performance protocols like USB4 and Thunderbolt. But low-end communication protocols are just as important. Here we consider the debate of I2C vs SPI, two serial communication protocols.

I2C vs SPI protocols: differences, pros & cons, use cases

IoT security can be addressed with embedded microcontroller units (MCUs).

Solving IoT Security Issues with Embedded Microcontrollers

Food processing techniques require the removal of moisture from the crop without destroying its nutritional qualities. The article proposes a dehydrator/oven whose temperature and humidity can be perfectly controlled and its generated heat is evenly distributed in its drying chamber.

Conceptual design of smart multi-farm produce dehydrator using a low-cost PLC and Raspberry Pi

Choosing Cellular or WiFi Article #2: Learn how you can determine the best choice for your IoT deployment.

Choosing Cellular or WiFi for your IoT Project

Choosing Cellular or WiFi Article #1:Cellular and WiFi connectivity have their own distinct benefits for IoT. Learn about the strengths and weaknesses and application examples of each one.

Cellular VS. WiFi for IoT How to Choose the Right One: Foundations

The ins and outs of microcontrollers, and an overview of the difference between MCU and microprocessors (MPU).

Selecting a microcontroller (MCU) for your IoT product

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