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Plastic Lining Materials that Handle Bulk Materials

Low-friction plastic liners for bulk material handling applications.


Product TypeLow-friction Polymer Linings
CompositesGlass Fiber and Carbon
Thermoplastic Shape TypesStandard, Engineering
Temperature Handling65 Degrees Celsius to 250 Degrees Celsius
ApplicationsTruck bed liners, hopper liners, silo liners, conveyance, chute liners, etc.


Mitsubishi Chemical Group presents a portfolio of low-friction liners made from advanced polymers. These liners help achieve mass bulk flow in various industrial applications. The materials exhibit low-friction properties to enable fast and seamless conveyance across polymer beds, chutes, and conveyor systems. Moreover, pre-built and customized conveyor liners prevent damage to the surfaces and containers used in bulk handling. Ultimately, the conveyor systems ensure fewer blockages and enhanced conveyance efficiency of bulk materials and parcels. 

Pre-Engineered and Customized Polymer Linings 

Mitsubishi Chemical Group (MCG) offers a wide range of customized and pre-engineered polymers and thermoplastics. These include a versatile portfolio of thermoplastic materials that enhance flow rate by preventing blockages and build-ups. 

Because of the amount of movement across shared surfaces, a lining material needs to minimize friction and resist damage. From parcel distribution to bulk raw materials handling, lining helps enable and improve mass flow. MCG’s advanced polymers are self-lubricating and abrasion resistant, improving performance and reducing blockages and downtime.

The comprehensive linings portfolio includes materials formulated for abrasion resistance, food contact, anti-static, and heat stabilization. Customers can also explore a range of turnkey solutions consisting of pre-engineered, pre-fabricated lining kits. For more niche requirements, customized liner solutions are available.

Available lining materials include:

  • TIVAR® DrySlide for parcel handling, with low-friction and electrostatic dissipative properties.

  • QuickSIlver ® for bulk materials unloading, typically used as a truck bed liner.

  • Custom advanced materials like TIVAR® 88, and 88-2 for customized total lining solutions for hoppers, ships, chutes, bins, etc

Thermoplastic liners are widely used in bulk material handling applications in many industries, including agriculture, mining, heavy industry, food, pharma, and more.

Proven Results for Wide-Ranging Industrial Applications 

Polymer lining materials have a proven track record for various industrial applications, enhancing material handling and conveyance processes. By eliminating the build-up of residue, cross-contamination between batches is reduced and offers a cost-effective solution for one-piece drop-in installations. 

Likewise, the TIVAR® DrySlide UHMW-PE is a self-lubricating polymer lining. The impact-resistant material has built-in lubrication, thus eliminating the need to manually apply wax sprays. As a result of reduced blockages, the lining system ensures faster conveyance and fewer shipping errors, especially for parcel transportation. 

The TIVAR® MarineGrade UHMW-PE lining system is available in the form of pre-engineered kits and full sheets for on-site installation. The lining system is suitable for self-loading and -unloading ships that require various flow liners for continuous unloading operations. With custom-engineered designs, it is possible to ensure seamless loading and unloading of bulk materials and parcels directly from ships.

TIVAR® 88-2 UHMW-PE is a specialized lining material that maximizes the flow of difficult, adhesive materials like ignited coal.  The polymer lining material is slicker than steel and more reliably achieves mass flow with sticky materials and coal. 


Mitsubishi Chemical Group (Internet]

Mitsubishi Chemical Group (Internet]


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