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Eindhoven, Netherlands


Often recognized as the smartest square km in Europe, High Tech Campus Eindhoven is built around an ecosystem of 235 companies with a range of application fields. Home to over 12.000 innovators, researchers, engineers that create the technologies and business of tomorrow. The Campus plays an orchestrating and leading role in the areas of Health & Vitality, Sustainability, Applied Intelligence, Smart Environments & Connectivity and Software & Platforms.

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Inspired by Einstein’s doings, findings and life philosophy of constant curiosity, creativity and problem-solving – one of the reasons he went into physics – Joseph argues that the struggles one goes through can take a positive twist if we look at them as opportunities to learn crucial skills such as empathy.

Fe+male Tech Heroes role models 42 - Joseph Zekry: "If we want to truly tackle the big challenges the world is facing, we cannot just rely on half the population"

There is a talent shortage in the Netherlands that is expected to persist until 2050. So concludes Ton Wilthagen, professor of Labor Market at Tilburg University, in the new High Tech Campus documentary The Talent Game: "Even if we attract more international knowledge workers, work more hours and involve people from the sidelines in the labor market, the talent shortage will remain."

Shortage of talent until at least 2050, women and artificial intelligence offer the solution