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Immersive technologies and high-speed telecommunication standards are enabling new ways to work remotely.

Expanding the scope of remote work using VR, AR and 5G

Now it is possible to teleoperate individual and combined control of any number of robotic arms. Thanks to the designed control architecture, the human operator can intuitively create robot groups to control them together.

Controlling and Reconfiguring Multiple Collaborative Robot Arms

In this episode, we talk about how ostriches are inspiring a new generation of bipedal robots and the innovation enabling remote endovascular surgery.

Podcast: Bird-inspired Bipedal Robots & Robotic Surgeons

While the concept of a hugging robot may sound bizarre, the researchers behind the project — now in its third generation — believe that such a device could have a major impact on everything from social telepresence to elder care.

Intra-hug gestures prove key to making HuggieBot 3.0 the most cuddly robot around

In the not-too-distant future, autonomous, networked vehicles will be able to handle most tasks independently. However, they are not yet capable of dealing with all traffic situations. If they encounter a problem that they do not know how to solve, safety comes first.

Teleoperation steps in when an autonomous vehicle does not know what to do

The system could provide teleoperated endovascular treatment to patients during the critical time window after a stroke begins.

Joystick-operated robot could help surgeons treat stroke remotely

The Robot Teleoperativo is a new robotics result achieved at IIT-Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia and combining the rugged locomotion of HyQReal robot with dexterous and powerful manipulation assured by a new robotic arm, controlled by immersive VR visualization and haptic teleoperation.

The new IIT's "Robot Teleoperativo" (teleoperation robot)


In this webinar (July 2020) we take the first public in-depth look at the Reach Bravo underwater robotic arm system and answer attendees questions.

WEBINAR Reach Bravo - A New Underwater Robotic Arm - Demo and Q&A

SenseGlove is a wearable technology for virtual reality invented by Johannes Luijten and Gijs den Butter, at the Delft University of Technology as their graduation project.

SenseGlove: Virtual Reality in Telerobotics

RE2's dual-arm robot features human-like strength and dexterity

Highly Dexterous Manipulation System: Capabilities

Addressing a major issue and taking the next steps in economic development

End to End Pervasive Automation Assisted Economies

Learning a new skill by observing another individual, the ability to imitate, is a key part of intelligence in human and animals. Can we enable a robot to do the same, learning to manipulate a new object by simply watching a human manipulating an object.

One-Shot imitation from watching videos

As icons and rituals adapt to newer technologies, the rise of robotics and AI can change the way we practice and experience spirituality.

Robots and Religion: Mediating the Divine.

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