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Murata is a global solution provider and the market leader in the design, manufacture, and supply of advanced, leading-edge electronic components, and multi-functional modules. Murata contributes to the advancement of society and the electronics industry, in close cooperation with its customers and other stakeholders. Their European HQ is based in the Netherlands.

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LPWA is an abbreviation for Low-Power Wide-Area. It is also referred to as Low-Power Wide-Area Network (LPWAN). LPWA is wireless communication technology that features low power consumption and wide-area and long-distance communication.

What Is Low-Power Wide-Area (LPWA) Wireless Communication?

Governments around the world and companies in all industries and businesses are coming together to engage in efforts to achieve carbon neutrality. Every conceivable multifaceted decarbonization measure is being taken.

What Are the Conditions for Increasing the Efficiency of Power Conversion and Motor Drives and for Expanding the Use of SiC and GaN Power Semiconductors?

Since the electrodes of the capacitor are insulated, the resistance value is theoretically infinite. However, the actual capacitor has a finite resistance value because a small amount of current flows between the insulated electrodes.

Insulation resistance and leakage current of ceramic capacitor

Sponsor interview with Theresa Hackl, Application Marketing Engineer, Komei Takura, Senior Business Development Manager for Mobility and Yoichi Murakami, Senior Product Manager for Function Devices at Murata.

2023 Autonomous Vehicle Report Interview: Building Trust in Autonomous Driving - Navigating Future Reliability and Milestone Achievements

Examining the latest developments in self-driving vehicles.

Autonomous Vehicle Technology Report

Here we describe a movement known as “Edu Tech” that encourages the development of new technology to bring about major changes in educational methods

"Edu Tech" Encourages Individuality and Bridges the Unequal Opportunity Gap