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Blueprint Lab develop advanced robotic arm solutions for harsh environments. Designed to withstand harsh environments, Blueprint Lab’s Reach Alpha and Reach Bravo manipulators are enabling operators to conduct complex inspection and intervention work in places unsafe or inaccessible for humans. Blueprint Lab’s systems are distinctive in their dexterity, robustness, and patented compact design. Combined with their master arm controller, advanced on-board and GUI software packages, and platform-agnostic design philosophy, Blueprint Lab plans to revolutionise the capability of compact inspection and intervention vehicles. Existing clients include military organisations, offshore oil and gas inspection service providers, marine scientists, and the autonomous robotics research community.

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An ROV camera is any visual imaging system that can be used on underwater ROVs to provide the operator with a perception of the operating environment. The depth rating for an ROV camera usually starts at 300m.

What is an ROV camera?

The aim of this article is to provide a high-level answer to the question: “What do people use underwater robotic arms for?” If you’ve worked with Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) before, this article probably isn’t for you. For everyone else, let’s go.

Top Uses of Underwater ROV Manipulators