Rich Walker


London, UK




I'm a Director at Shadow Robot, EuRobotics aisbl and Adra Asbl. Which is a long way of saying "I've been in robotics for a long time and now I get to chair meetings". I look at technology strategy and policy around robotics and AI from an SME perspective, both at national and European level, and have been involved in an embarrassing number of European, Innovate UK and EPSRC projects over the years. I like connecting people with problems to solutions, whether or not those solutions involve Shadow Robot, and if they do involve Shadow Robot then making sure that the results are awesome.

Latest Posts

Humans excel at manual tasks, and ideally, robots should surpass us in these functions. We have the advantage due to our superior dexterity, and we can perform tasks that robots should, in theory, be capable of. As we advance robotics our goal is to effectively transfer our human skills to robots.

Getting Data from Humans to Robots

Spending your hard-earned budget on a robot is a step you don’t want to take lightly, Any worthwhile robot is likely to represent a significant piece of capital equipment. So, let’s take a look at some hardware and what you might expect to pay for.

How Much does a Robot Hand Cost?

The world is full of life-threatening jobs. There was a time when humans merely gritted their teeth, accepted the risk and trusted that the training they received would protect them from harm. However, there is a growing trend of using robots to do the tasks that could harm humans.

How robots are saving humans from doing dangerous jobs