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TDK-Lambda i7X-C01-EVK-S0 Evaluation Kit

Evaluation kit offering a wide variety of non-isolated DC-DC power modules in the i7X series.


ProductEvaluation Board
CategoryPower Management IC Development Tools
TypeNon-isolated DC/DC Converter
For Evaluation OfRGC Series
ApplicationsIndustrial Automation, Telecommunications, Medical Devices, Test and Measurement, Aerospace, Automotive, and Consumer Electronics.


The TDK-Lambda i7X-C01-EVK-S0 Evaluation Kit is a tool for evaluating the performance of TDK-Lambda RGC series non-isolated DC-DC converters. It includes a variety of test points and features to measure the input and output voltage, current, and converter efficiency. This evaluation kit has been designed to characterise the product’s performance and determine suitability for the target application. The board includes screw terminals for secured connections, a toggle switch for remote operation, fuse, inductor, additional capacitance, and a header connector for optional features and signals. The TDK-Lambda i7X-C01-EVK-S0 evaluation kit can be used for various purposes, including evaluation, development, testing, and troubleshooting. It is a valuable tool for design engineers, power supply technicians, and students who work with non-isolated DC-DC converters. 

i7X-C01-EVK-S0 Evaluation Kit Features  

The i7X-C01-EVK-S0 Evaluation Kit is an essential tool to effectively characterize the performance of specific DC-DC converters, providing insights into their compatibility and suitability for various applications. One of its features includes the provision of screw terminals, ensuring both input and output connections remain secured and reliable. Furthermore, the kit incorporates a toggle switch, facilitating remote On/Off operations, making it user-friendly and efficient. 

For those keen on precise measurements, the evaluation kit has been designed with test points and scope probe hook-ups, which makes the gauging performance effortless. Additionally, the trim potentiometer is a valuable inclusion, granting users the flexibility to adjust the output voltage setting per their requirements. The kit is optimised for the RGC series of non-isolated DC-DC converters, underscoring its specific application focus.

The evaluation kit is equipped with LED indicators, short-circuit protection, and over-temperature protection, ensuring safe and reliable operation. The kit can prototype and test new power supply designs under various conditions. Engineers can measure the converter's efficiency, ripple and noise, and transient response. Troubleshooting power supply problems in existing products is also possible using this kit.  

Getting Started with i7X-C01-EVK-S0 Evaluation Kit

Here is a brief overview of how to use the i7X-C01-EVK-S0 Evaluation Kit after connecting a DC-DC module to the board:

  1. Connect the input voltage to the input terminals of the evaluation board.

  2. Connect the load to the output terminals of the evaluation board.

  3. Turn on the power supply.

  4. Adjust the output voltage using the potentiometer on the evaluation board.

  5. Measure the input and output voltage and current using the test points on the evaluation board.

Here are some additional tips for using the i7X-C01-EVK-S0 Evaluation Kit:

  1. Make sure that the input voltage is within the specified range.

  2. Ensure that the load current does not exceed the rated current of the DC-DC converter.

  3. Use a heat sink to keep the DC-DC converter cool if it operates at high currents.

  4. Be careful not to touch the test points while the evaluation kit is powered on.


The  i7X-C01-EVK-S0 Evaluation Kit is a valuable tool that can be used for a wide range of applications. Whether you are an engineer designing a new product, a technician troubleshooting a problem, or a student learning about DC-DC converters, this kit is valuable in your toolbox. The evaluation kit is utilised in programmable logic controllers (PLCs), motor drives, and robotics in industrial automation applications. It is also used in telecommunication applications such as base stations, routers, and switches. The medical sector leverages this kit, incorporating it into life-saving devices like pacemakers, defibrillators, and advanced imaging equipment. The application of evaluation kit extends to testing and measurement equipment, including oscilloscopes, spectrum analysers, and specialised power supplies.


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