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Life3D Capsule: A DIY 3D Printable Project

A 3D printable capsule that can take a small camera or a GPS device to the stratosphere.


PurposeFilming, Weather, housing, transport
MaterialsNatural Versatile Plastic
PlatformOpen source


Life3D Capsule: An Open-Source Device for Small GPS Transportation

Life3D Capsule is a safe and secure transport device with sufficient space for small GPS trackers and cameras, such as GoPro. Moreover, it offers sufficient room for insulation material. It features a lightweight housing and holding mechanism made of natural nylon plastic with several components. 

The capsule's lightweight allows the user to attach it to a weather balloon. The 3D printable plastic container offers sufficient insulation to hold a small camera, protecting it from external forces. This device can easily reach up to the earth's stratosphere. 

The material and volume of a well-assembled Life3D Capsule offer buoyancy, keeping the device afloat in case it lands in the waters.   

An Open Source Design

Life3D Capsule is an open-source platform where adventurists and students can download all the documents, especially diagrams, and material details. Users can print the components of the capsule using a 3D printer and assemble them with the help of instructions and diagrams.  

The open-source platform aims to provide students with a learning opportunity and lets them share their capsule designs. This contribution should help evolve the design of the capsule. 

3D Print Technology

3D printing technology has brought a revolution in the field of science and technology. With the help of suitable materials, users can give shape to their ideas and create cost-effective products. 


Material plays a significant role in making Life3D capsules a success. The capsule features Nylon plastic, which is relatively light in weight yet durable enough to withstand wind, dust, and water splashes. The entire structure of the capsule is made out of nylon plastic, which is why it won't drown if landed in the water.

Possible Applications of the Life3D Capsule

Life3D capsule offers an excellent opportunity for students interested in high-altitude filming and GPS tracking - and those looking to record their diving experiences. The open-source project enables the students to 3D-print and assemble their capsule, then film their weather balloon launch. 

Students can also observe the capsule's design and develop their own design to simultaneously house and protect objects from falling.  


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