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Infineon XENSIV™ 60 GHz BGT60LTR11AIP Radar Sensor Demo Board

A microwave radar sensor demo board for motion and direction of motion detection applications.

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Max. Detection range (Integrated Motion Sensing7
Max Detection range (Advanced Motion Sensing)14
Antenna FamilyRadar 60
PackagingAntenna in Package
Input TypeDC
Number of Antennas1 Receiver (Rx) 1 Transmitter (Tx)
ApplicationsContactless switches, automatic door openers, motion detecting alarm systems, smart lighting systems, drones, multicopters, tablets, TV screens, IP cameras


The XENSIV™ BGT60LTR11AIP demo board features the 60GHz XENSIV radar sensor with a radar baseboard configurable in the SPI mode. It’s a fully integrated motion sensor that runs on microwave signals supported by an Antenna in Package (AIP), a built-in motion sensor, a direction of motion detector, and a state machine that enables fully autonomous operations. It also includes an integrated frequency divider that runs on a Phase-Locked Loop (PLL) for VCO frequency stabilization. The board primarily supports the radar sensor applications as a small-package doppler motion sensor that can replace standard PIR sensors for cost-effective motion detection applications. With its compact size and low-power applications, the radar sensor offers a smart and energy-efficient solution for various industrial and individual user applications. It works as a third eye for electronic and digital systems. 

Supports Multiple Degrees of Freedom for Four Quad State Design

The demo board enhances the BT60LTR11AIP radar sensor operations and helps it connect seamlessly with other microcontrollers and signal processing units. For instance, the board facilitates raw signals from the radar and provides a path to connect to external processors or PCs for extracting meaningful information from the signals. There are adequate markers to indicate various sensor outputs and connection points. 

With versatile operation modes, the board can operate with multiple degrees of freedom to incorporate various applications and sensitivity levels. It facilitates the quad-state operations available in BGT60LTR11AIP radar sensors for performance flexibility during the operations. The quad-state operations include Radar Operation Mode, Detector Sensitivity (Detection Range Setting), Signal Hold Time After Detection, and Radar Sensor Operation Frequency settings. 

The board can detect motion from up to 14 meters away and provide radar signal processing to detect presence and motion signals. The radar signals can penetrate through non-metallic materials, so it doesn’t rely on line-of-sight operations. Users can connect the required components via soldering points and different connectors. It also helps in evaluating radar sensors via the BG60LTR11AIP shield. 

Digital Interface to Support a Wide Range of Motion Detection Applications

The BGT60LTR11AIP radar sensor integrates with the Radar Baseboard MCU7 microcontroller. It includes the BGT60LTR11AIP shield to provide a digital interface and enable it to connect to a microcontroller for data transfer. It has a fully autonomous operational mode allows the radar sensor to work independently of any external microcontroller. Therefore, it can address issues related to motion sensing without the users requiring a deep technical understanding of RF antenna design and communication systems. 

Unlike traditional PIR sensors, the BGT60LTR11AIP is designed to add smartness to motion detection. The radar sensor can work with various digital systems and replace PIR sensors, detecting motions to activate or deactivate different modules. 

The general-purpose operation makes this demo board a useful option for all users. For individual users, it offers connectivity with various devices and equipment, such as:

  • Smart appliances like kitchen equipment, vacuum cleaners, 

  • Screen-based systems like notebooks, tablets, and TV screens.

  • Smart home devices including smoke detectors, thermostats, smart lighting, and smart speakers. 

For industrial consumers, the BGT60LTR11AIP demo board offers assistance with occupancy detection, proximity sensors, and contactless switching operations. It has applications in security systems to automatically activate relevant signals for auto door openers, IP cameras, and motion-based alarm systems. 

The radar board can connect with external devices via a USB 2.0 interface to send critical motion and no-motion signals to turn the devices ON and OFF accordingly. Hence, it’s a handy option for power-saving applications.


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Infineon [Internet]


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