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Ai.Frame Apollo AIF-44-0: A DIY Humanoid Robot Kit

A DIY anthropomorphic robotic kit by Ai.Frame featuring a multi-purpose miniature robot


Project TypeOpen-source
MaterialAcrylic (Frame), ABS Plastic (housing)
Dimensions18 cm x 11 cm x 22 cm
ActuatorR&D Servo
ConnectivityBluetooth 4.0
OS SupportAndroid, iOS


What is the Apollo AIF-44-0 Humanoid Robot?

For robotics students, especially those in their initial stages, Apollo AI-44-0 Humanoid Robot offers a hands-on learning opportunity. It’s an open-source project allowing users to download printable files and other instructions and create a custom humanoid robot. 

The Ai.Frame Apollo Robot is 22cm tall, 30cm wide (with full arm stretch), and 11 cm thick (external length between the chest and back). The fuselage is 3D printable and can be customized according to the user’s preferences. Apollo AIF-44-0 has a sturdy frame of acrylic sheets, while its housing is made of ABS engineering plastic.

Among other must-haves, the humanoid miniature robot has a 16-metal microactuator that supports an R & D servo with a torque of 4kg-cms for optimal performance. The STM32 microcontroller allows various integrations, such as sensors, cameras, displays, motors, etc. 

It features an all-metal gear with overload protection. Similarly, the powerboard offers overload and low voltage protection, ensuring a smooth and consistent signal supply. 

Different Versions of Ai.Frame Robots

Over the years, Ai.Frame has developed numerous robot models that can be divided into two distinctive series. These include Apollo and Rex. The Apollo series is further classified into Apollo A, Apollo B, and Apollo C—the Ai.Frame Apollo AIF-44-0 belongs to Apollo (B) family.

Ai.Frame Apollo offers more freedom as compared to Ai.FrameRex. The former offers 16 degrees, while the latter offers only 9 degrees.   

Functionalities of Apollo AIF-44-0 Anthropomorphic Robot

The miniature humanoid robot is a versatile AI.frame that can perform various motions, such as walking, standing up, shooting, combatting, and dancing. 

There are 10 pre-programmed motions, but since it’s an open-source project, users can mix, match, and program up to 300 motions. On top of that, users can add multiple devices to create thousands of robotic motions. 

Controlling the AI.Frame Humanoid Robot

Users can control and program the AIF-44-0 humanoid robot in different ways:

Windows PC

Conventional coders and programmers can customize the Ai.Frame robot on their PCs with the help of downloadable software.  

Android/ OS App

Millennials or aspiring robotics enthusiasts can customize their Ai.Frame robots with Android or iOS devices. The robot can be connected to the mobile device via Bluetooth. Users can download the app from the official AI.Frame website for free. 

Joystick Controller

AIF-44-0 can also be controlled with a joystick, but it must be compatible with the Arduino platform. 

Wearable Controller

Relatively new to the tech world, wearable controllers offer more fun and entertainment, giving providing better robot control.



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