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EPFL researchers have developed a method that allows a flapping-wing robot to land autonomously on a horizontal perch using a claw-like mechanism. The innovation could significantly expand the scope of robot-assisted tasks.

Researchers develop winged robot that can land like a bird

Jellyfish-like soft gripper mimics the mechanics of curly hair

Tentacle robot can gently grasp fragile objects

Now it is possible to teleoperate individual and combined control of any number of robotic arms. Thanks to the designed control architecture, the human operator can intuitively create robot groups to control them together.

Controlling and Reconfiguring Multiple Collaborative Robot Arms

In a recent project, Professor Edward Adelson and Sandra Liu — a mechanical engineering PhD student at CSAIL — have developed a robotic gripper using novel “GelSight Fin Ray” fingers that, like the human hand, is supple enough to manipulate objects.

A flexible way to grab items with feeling

The end-of-arm tooling (EOAT) is one of the most important parts of your robot system. The EOAT spends the most time interacting directly with your parts and a well-designed tool/part interface can save both time and effort when programming a task that requires precision.

Automation 101: End-of-arm Tooling

This handbook introduces the concept of bin-picking, and explores its complexity through real-case studies.

The Bin-Picking Handbook For Engineers

Franka Emika Robot was created primarily for human-robot collaboration. Robot belongs to the group of so-called lightweight robots, weighing 18 kg, and is capable of manipulating objects weighing up to 3 kg with its secure gripper.

Franka Emika Robot for Board Assembly

In this episode, we talk about how starfish larvae inspired robots can revolutionize drug delivery and drones with flacon-like legs for landing.

Podcast: Falcon Inspired Drones

With feet and legs like a peregrine falcon, engineers have created a robot that can perch and carry objects like a bird.

Engineers create perching bird-like robot

case study

Preziosa Francesco SRL & Add-it redesigned the grippers of their in-house press brake bending robotic cell for metal 3D printing. The final design was ready for application in just 4 days, increased system reliability, bypassed a supply chain bottleneck, and enabled lights-out manufacturing.

Agile Industrial Robot Grippers with Topology Optimization & Metal 3D Printing

ITMO University students developed a compact manipulator arm using polymers, which helped significantly bring down its production costs. At the same time, the new device is just as secure and precise as its existing analogs.

ITMO Students Develop New Manipulator Arm That Can Be Applied Everywhere: From Catering to Chemistry Labs

Green-eyed pick and place robots - robot arms with a gripper and a green vision system are a novel automation solution that is increasingly boldly entering forging plants.

The rise of green-eyed robots in forges

Mechanical Engineering Professor Matei Ciocarlie builds robots with intelligent minds—and bodies

Smarter Machines

Researchers want to make picking robots smarter using distributed AI methods. To do this, they are investigating how to use training data from multiple stations, from multiple plants, or even companies without requiring participants to hand over sensitive company data.

Better gripping with intelligent picking robots

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