Unitree Robotics Releases Industrial Quadruped Robot B2, Breaking Through Limits with Hyper Evolution!

22 Nov, 2023

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Unitree Robotics Releases Industrial Quadruped Robot B2, Breaking Through Limits with Hyper Evolution!

On November 3, Unitree Robotics released the new industrial quadruped robot B2, continuing to lead the global quadruped robot industry application.

It is reported that Unitree took the lead in delving into industry applications as early as 2017. As a leading force in the industry, Unitree industrial quadruped robot brought by Unitree has been upgraded on the basis of the B1 with a full range of upgrades, including the comprehensive capacity of load, range, motion capability, speed, etc., which is 2 to 3 times that of existing quadruped robots in the world, enabling it to play a role in more application scenarios.


1. The fastest running industrial-grade quadruped robot

B2 has a significant improvement in speed, with a running speed of more than 6m/s to become the fastest known industrial-grade quadruped robot on the market. At the same time with the maximum jumping distance of up to 1.6m, can be more efficient and flexible for the industry application empowerment.


2. Continuous load increased by 100%, endurance soared by 200

B2's maximum standing load capacity reaches 120kg, continuous walking load is more than 40kg with an increase of 100%; 20kg load continuous walking is more than 4 hours with more than 15km mileage, and endurance is increased by 200%; unloaded continuous walking endurance is more than 5 hours with more than 20km mileage. This means that B2 is able to carry heavy loads, perform delivery tasks or work continuously for long periods of time.


3. Powerful joint performance increased by 170% with 360N.m strong torque

With a peak torque of 360N.m, a 170% increase in performance, B2 providing greater flexibility and stability for industrial operations. In addition, B2 demonstrates excellent continuous stair climbing ability, effortlessly scaling mountains; while climbing, it still has the ultimate stability and balance.  


4. Stable and strong, all-round to deal with diverse environments

B2 has superb obstacle-crossing ability and can easily cross various obstacles such as messy woodpiles and 40cm high platforms, providing an excellent solution for dealing with complex environments. In addition, B2 also has all-terrain adaptability, and can walk stably in slippery or extreme terrain.


5. Depth perception to cope with various complex challenges

In terms of perception capability, B2 has been comprehensively upgraded and can be paired with a variety of sensors, including 3D LIDAR, depth cameras and optical cameras. The synergistic work of these sensors enables Unitree robot to understand and adapt to its surroundings better, thus accomplishing various tasks more safely and efficiently.


Unitree said that B2 industrial quadruped robot will be widely used in various industries, such as industrial automation, power inspection, emergency rescue, industrial inspection, education and research. Its high performance and versatility will enable it to play an important role in these fields, improving work efficiency, reducing labor costs, and lowering risks and dangers.


Unitree has always been committed to promoting the development and application of robotics technology, bringing more advanced and reliable solutions to the industrial field through continuous innovation and improvement. The release of B2 industrial quadruped robot marks Unitree's technological leadership in the industry and is set to further promote the development and application of industrial robots.