The Future of Electronics: A New Dimension in Berlin

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18 Oct, 2023

The Future of Electronics: A New Dimension in Berlin

Globally recognized event, on 17-18 October 2023, seeks to explore the forefront of electronic innovations, drawing a bridge between the traditional and the groundbreaking, and taking you on a journey through the very fabric of next-gen electronics.

TechBlick is proud to announce the conference and exhibition, "The Future of Electronics: RESHAPED," set against the cultural backdrop of Berlin. This expansive event serves as a canvas for printed, flexible, sustainable, R2R, additive, hybrid, 3D, structural, soft, InMold, textiles, stretchable, and wearable electronics.

17-18 October 2023 at the Estrel Congress Center (ECC), Berlin.

The conference is housed within the modern architecture of Berlin's Estrel Hotel and Congress Centre (ECC).

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Pushing boundaries in electronics, TechBlick brings to the table categories like structural, soft, and InMold electronics which are fast making a niche for themselves. The intent is clear: to cohesively RESHAPE the electronics ecosystem to make it more inclusive, diverse, sustainable, and cutting-edge.

Highlights of the Event:

  • 78 Exhibitors, All Booths Sold Out! An exhibition increase of 50% since 2022 ensures attendees get a panoramic view of the current market landscape.
  • Unique Hybrid Package: Experience the Berlin event live, coupled with a year-long access to all virtual conferences and masterclasses from TechBlick. The future is hybrid, and so is our offering.
  • Masterclasses and Tours: Engage with industry leaders and take guided tours to witness the revolution in electronics.
  • Networking and Refreshments: All attendees can enjoy a grand buffet lunch and refreshments in the heart of the convention center, ensuring meaningful conversations happen over great food.

Who should be there?

This is a must-attend event for innovators, tech enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, researchers, and anyone who believes in the potential of flexible and sustainable electronics.

Registration Details:

For those who have already secured their spot:

  • 16 October: Registration desk opens from 7.30am
  • 17 October: From 7.00am
  • 18 October: From 8.00am

Join the global community, witness transformative innovations, and be a part of the conversation that drives the next wave in electronics. The future is being reshaped in Berlin, and you're invited.

Register for this once-in-a-lifetime event on 17-18 October 2023.

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The next big leap in electronics awaits. Join us in Berlin!