Revolutionizing Contact-Based Inspections Across Different Assets

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SKYRON UT Experience

SKYRON UT Experience

Non-destructive testing inspections are in demand across various shapes and surfaces, needing different approaches to and for, until now.

In the industry of NDT methods for industrial inspections, SKYRON emerges as cutting-edge technology for performing detailed contact-based inspections across various assets. This intelligent flying robot surpasses conventional boundaries by navigating complex spaces seamlessly and conducting comprehensive inspections across a wide spectrum of assets.  

From tanks and pipes to towering and intricate structures like flare stacks, confined spaces, ships, offshore platforms, and more, SKYRON is on a mission to redefine the standards of contact-based inspections. Its capabilities extend across multiple industries, effortlessly adapting to the distinct challenges posed by each asset with exceptional versatility. One of this flying robot’s notable features is its skill in maneuvering through diverse spaces, reaching areas typically challenging for conventional inspection methods.  

The robot’s agility and precision enable meticulous assessments, ensuring no area is left unexamined. Moreover, SKYRON's versatility makes inspections not only safer but also faster and more cost-effective than conventional methods.