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Enabling Circular Christmas with Robotic LFAM

17 Jan, 2023

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Caracol | Christmas 2023

Caracol | Christmas 2023

To send its Christmas wishes Caracol worked on a project that is representative of its values and work as an Additive Manufacturing company.

Working with polymers and composites, Caracol has always felt it had a responsibility in finding ways to use the material it handles in the best way: first of all by recycling the waste generated through processes like CNC and subtractive tech (that traditionally generates large quantities of waste), upcycling this material with the support of specialized partners, and then finding new ways to use recycled materials to manufacture new applications through the company's Large Format Additive Manufacturing technology (Heron AMTM). 

Caracol developed its LFAM system as a robotized extrusion head, a dedicated software platform for the most complex tool paths, and with direct and continuous feeding of composites and polymers in pellet form. This allows the platform to use both virgin and recycled material (e.g., shreds, scraps, and more).

Through this Christmas project, the company wanted to provide an example of what the company can do thanks to Additive Manufacturing, a way to stimulate companies also in advanced sectors to potentially investigate how they can introduce recycled materials within their production processes.