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15 Feb, 2023

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Play IoTetris at IoT Stars

Play IoTetris at IoT Stars

Meet the IoT Stars community at MWC and Embedded World, and find the partners to build your next IoT Stack.

From low power MCUs, radio modules and (e-)SIMs, to real-time operating systems, security mechanism and FOTA. From Radio technologies, wireless protocols and data standards to core networks, roaming agreements and cloud integrators.

IoT is complex. There are so many different elements that make up an IoT solution. Even though most of the pioneering is done, selecting the right building blocks and integrating them seamlessly is challenging - if not impossible - to realize by yourself. Becoming successful in IoT means finding the right partners. Knowing which suppliers to work with allows you to focus on the real value of IoT without getting lost in the labyrinth of wireless standards, security layers and device management protocols.

Get ready for MWC and Embedded World

Two big connectivity conferences coming up: Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, and Embedded World in Nuremberg. These events present the ideal opportunity to find the partners for your next IoT solution.

To prepare yourself for the upcoming events, a tool was designed to support you in designing your IoT Stack while finding the right partners that can provide you with the missing building blocks.

IoT Stars presents IoTetris, the tool to build your next IoT solution.

Have fun and build your own IoT stack with IoTetris!

Build your IoT Stack at

Meet the IoT Stars Community

IoT Stars is a community of IoT professionals who gather during industry-events to share knowledge and experiences. The community consists of entrepreneurs, developers, engineers, investors, industry players and press working in the IoT ecosystem.

For building real-world partnerships, we're inviting you to IoT Stars at MWC (Feb 27) and Embedded World (March 14). Join the IoT Stars networking events to find the right partners that will make you succeed in IoT.

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IoT Stars Panel during MWC 2023 with Iotcreators, Ubidots, SODAQ and The Things Network

What to expect at IoT Stars

Four main topics will be discussed during the IoT Stars events.

Private / hybrid IoT networks

Cellular networks are becoming ever-cheaper and easier to build and manage. New shared or unlicensed radio bands (see for example CBRS) are removing the obstacles for running your own network. As a result, private LTE and 5G network are becoming a competitor to WiFi systems, as well to LoRa(WAN) networks.

Multitech offers reliable hardware to build private LoRaWAN or LTE networks. During IoT Stars, they will share their experiences with realizing private networks. In addition, RAK Wireless will be presenting their latest 5G small cell. These hardware components work well with Monogoto’s cellular core which processes cellular data and routes it to the right endpoints.

Abundant Cellular Connectivity

The number of connectivity providers are hitting an all-time-high. More virtual network operators (MVNOs) are entering the market as the demand for cellular connections keeps growing. MVNOs are doing the best they can to simplify the use of cellular communication and management of IoT devices in volume. At IoT Stars, meet the digital operators Iotcreators, SORACOM and Monogoto to find out about their unique perspective on the IoT market.

IoT Lifecycle Management

As the IoT market matures, more attention is being paid to lifecycle management. This includes management of device fleets, remote configuration of devices as well as over-the-air firmware update mechanisms. New partners have entered the scene including Blues Wireless which recently released their out of bound FOTA capabilities, and AVSystem which goes all-in on the novel LwM2M standard.

Simplifying Hardware Development

One of the biggest challenges in today’s IoT market, is finding the embedded developers capable of building the billions of expected devices. The number of embedded developers around the world is limited, and hardware development is complicated and time-consuming.

IoT suppliers are taking their responsibility to counter this challenge. Ignion enables people to integrate antennas without the need for expert RF skills. Zephyr is abstracting away much of the complexities of embedded programming. And Kallipr is providing off-the-shelf hardware products, ready to be implemented at scale.

IoT Stars partners

Join IoT Stars and meet the IoT community

IoT Stars is hosting networking events at MWC (Feb 27) and Embedded World (March 14).

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25% discount code: FRIEND-OF-WEVOLVER