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Like all communication technologies, Bluetooth is a better fit for some applications than others. If you're considering using Bluetooth, here’s an outline of the primary factors that determine the effective range of Bluetooth communications, plus some ways to improve it with networking. This article is now updated with the addition of Bluetooth 5 performance.

Things You Should Know About Bluetooth Range

The world needs educated children to help solve major challenges. But what does a well-rounded, effective education look like? There is scientific evidence to suggest that the key developmental benefit of play is an important part of a holistic education.

Smart toy manufacturers enhance wireless educational gameplay

The natural resources around us represent the basis for all human activity on Earth. We use these resources to produce food, clean drinking water, clothes, electrical energy, and everything else we need to survive. But these resources are limited.

Winners aim to build a smarter sustainable world with Bluetooth LE

The global agricultural and farming industry is facing a perfect storm. Earlier this month, the world population hit eight billion for the first time, in the two weeks since it has grown another 1.5 million. That is a lot of extra mouths to feed when there are already 690 million people going hungry, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO).

Agriculture gets smart with cellular IoT and Bluetooth LE

While we live in an increasingly tech-focused world, we still face many of the same dangers and threats to our personal safety that we did centuries ago. How can we turn our technology to help mitigate those dangers?

What does the future of personal safety devices look like?

Increasing the range of a wireless product is an advantage for virtually every application. Consider, say, a large warehouse with a Bluetooth mesh network to track the location of valuable items.

Shouting and listening: Extending Bluetooth LE range

Adding Bluetooth to your next design should be a simple process.

Bluetooth Low Energy Workshop

Cutting edge boards and tools speed up development and reduce time to market for Bluetooth IoT applications.

Simplifying Bluetooth IoT Integration for Secure and Energy-Efficient Applications

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