Advanced Lithographic Electroforming: process animation step by step

23 Feb, 2022

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Electroforming: Additive Manufacturing Atom by Atom

Electroforming is an additive manufacturing process specialized for the production of high precision metal parts. Its uniqueness is that you can grow metal parts atom by atom, providing extreme accuracy and high aspect ratios.

Veco's Advanced Lithographic Electroforming process is a unique combination of unparalleled electroforming industry experience, advanced lithography technology and in-depth knowledge of metallurgy. It includes 6 steps.

1) Cleaning
A sheet substrate is cleaned and degreased.

2) Coating

The cleaned metal "raw part" is then coated with a light-sensitive photoresist.

3) Exposure
The metal sheet is then exposed to ultraviolet light which cures the photoresist layer.

4) Development
After the image has been transferred by UV exposure, the substrate is developed, rinsed and dried.

5) Deposition
An electrolytic bath is used to deposit metal onto the patterned surface.

6) Removal
The electroformed part can be removed from the substrate after the material has been plated to the desired thickness.

7) Inspection
Comprehensive inspection by experts.

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Veco is a world-leading manufacturer of micro- precision metal parts. It serves the world’s most innovative, hi-tech companies that demand high quality and precision. Empowered by the Advanced Lithographic Electroforming technology, ultrafine detail and extremely tight tolerances can be achieved.

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