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Veco is a world-leading manufacturer of micro- precision metal parts. It serves the world’s most innovative, hi-tech companies that demand high quality and precision. Empowered by the Advanced Lithographic Electroforming technology, ultrafine detail and extremely tight tolerances can be achieved.

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Electroforming technology has emerged as the most suitable method for manufacturing high-quality optical parts due to its unique combination of high precision, material properties, and design flexibility.

Applications of Electroforming: why Electroforming is the ideal solution for manufacturing optical parts

This article introduces typical applications of Electroforming in the field of filtration in the Food & Beverage industry.

Applications of Electroforming: filtration applications in the Food & Beverage industry

Filtration is a vital process utilized across a tremendous range of applications. As filtration needs become more advanced and specialized, Electroforming provides unique opportunities for engineers to develop filtration media and components to meet the highest standards.

5 reasons why Electroforming is the choice for next-gen filtration fabrication

Inkjet printheads work by jetting tiny droplets of ink onto paper or textiles to create text and images. A key component that enables this process is the inkjet nozzle plate.

Elevating Inkjet Printheads with Next-Generation Electroformed Nozzle Plates

Electroforming enables engineers to produce complex, high-precision metal parts. This article helps engineers assess if Electroforming is a suitable solution and how to proceed with successfully transferring engineering design into high-quality components step by step.

Electroforming for engineers: getting started with Electroforming step by step

Electroforming provides a pathway to overcoming fabrication challenges, empowering R&D engineers to reach past the limits of conventional manufacturing processes. To fully leverage Electroforming technology and engineering creativity, Veco provides a co-engineering service to empower the engineers.

Electroforming for Engineers: overcome R&D challenges by co-engineering with Electroforming technology