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Veco is a world-leading manufacturer of micro- precision metal parts. It serves the world’s most innovative, hi-tech companies that demand high quality and precision. Empowered by the Advanced Lithographic Electroforming technology, ultrafine detail and extremely tight tolerances can be achieved.

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Electroforming provides a pathway to overcoming fabrication challenges, empowering R&D engineers to reach past the limits of conventional manufacturing processes. To fully leverage Electroforming technology and engineering creativity, Veco provides a co-engineering service to empower the engineers.

Electroforming for engineers: overcome R&D challenges by co-engineering with Electroforming technology

Electroforming is a versatile Additive Manufacturing process for the production of high-precision and complex metal parts. This article provides an overview of key features and capabilities that make Electroforming a crucial manufacturing technology for engineers to get acquainted with.

Electroforming for Engineers: key features and capabilities of Electroforming technology

Electroforming is an Additive Manufacturing process specialized for the production of high-precision metal parts. Nickel, due to its expansive range of mechanical properties, aesthetic appeal, and resistance to corrosion, has become the most widely used material for this process. It not only enables the reproduction of extremely fine details but also permits the deposition of materials with high hardness. Electroforming technology allows depositing metal alloys to tailor specific material properties like mechanical or thermal characteristics.

Electroforming for Engineers: tailoring materials and properties to meet engineering demands

Veco’s unique Advanced Lithographic Electroforming process also referred to as Advanced Photo Electroforming, promises a move towards the frontier of precision engineering, incorporating micro precision, complex features, and freedom of design, all of which empower next-gen innovations across industries facing the challenge of miniaturization. This blog introduces 5 reasons to choose Electroforming in terms of freedom of design.

Electroforming for Engineers: 5 Reasons Electroforming Has Revolutionized Complex Part Design

Compared with LIGA Electroforming technologies such as UV LIGA and X-Ray LIGA processes, Advanced Lithographic Electroforming is the most ideal process from prototyping to mass production.

Pushing the Boundaries of Electroforming: Advanced Lithographic Electroforming and LIGA Processes explained

Micro-fabricated nozzle plates are used in various industries, such as inkjet printing, medical devices, and flow control. Manufacturing these nozzle plates requires precision and accuracy to achieve the desired performance. Several production technologies can be used to manufacture micro-fabricated metal nozzle plates, such as 3D printing, Laser Cutting, Micro Milling, Micro Punching, and Electroforming. In this article, we will introduce these production technologies, and illustrate how to find your preferred process for the production of micro-fabricated nozzle plates based on key features such as precision, customization, scalability, and material compatibility.

The making of micro-precision nozzle plates: 3D Printing, Laser Cutting, Micro Milling, Micro Punching, and Electroforming compared