Are you an APSX-PIM desktop injection molding machine owner eager to embark on the journey of custom mold design? Crafting your own molds unlocks a realm of possibilities, from rapid prototyping to small-scale production.

Mastering Custom Mold Design for APSX-PIM: A Simple Guide

This article delves into the various types of printed circuit boards, their fundamental concepts, structures, manufacturing processes, and advanced PCB technologies, highlighting their advantages, limitations, and typical applications.

Types of Printed Circuit Boards: A Comprehensive Guide

Researchers at Georgia Tech have teamed up with NASA and five peer institutions to teach dog-like robots to navigate craters of the moon and other challenging planetary surfaces.

Good Dog: LASSIE Spirit Learns to Walk on the Moon

EPFL researchers are targeting the next generation of soft actuators and robots with an elastomer-based ink for 3D printing objects with locally changing mechanical properties, eliminating the need for cumbersome mechanical joints.

An ink for 3D-printing flexible devices without mechanical joints

Creaform have compiled a list of their best tips to help you choose a 3D measurement technology that not only meets your current needs but also allows for future growth.

Smart Steps to Integrating 3D Scanning in Your Quality Control

How George Mason University's Nanotechnology Research Is Turning Waste From Your Daily Brew into a Powerful Pollution Solution

How to Turn Used Coffee Grounds into Water-Cleaning Superbots

Once the first prototype of your IoT device becomes available, it is essential to start power profiling and estimating battery life. This process involves gaining a comprehensive understanding of the device's configuration and power consumption characteristics within its specific deployment context.

How to pick the right battery for an IoT device: A waste management case study

Sustainable Mobility can be defined in many ways. Is it a concept for transforming how we transport from an ecological standpoint? Or is it taking into account the accessibility of travel? In this blog, we explore key areas playing a crucial role in defining Sustainable Mobility.

The Route to Success: Critical Factors for Achieving Sustainable Mobility

Explore the benefits of 3D printing for light-weight, customized and on-demand parts.

How to Leverage 3D Printing in Robotics and Automation

Discover how Particle's M-Series transforms global asset tracking and fleet management for improved efficiency and security.

Steering IoT Innovation in Global Asset Expeditions and Fleet Journeys

Discover how sonar makes search and recovery missions safer and more effective, and explore the benefits of integrating Deep Trekker ROVs with sonar.

Sonar for Search and Recovery ROVs

Lan Yang and her team have developed new plug-and-play hardware to dramatically enhance the sensitivity of optical sensors

Innovative sensing platform unlocks ultrahigh sensitivity in conventional sensors

Communities could reduce costs and cut vehicle emissions—all in the name of shortening your trip.

Improving traffic signal timing with a handful of connected vehicles

Introducing the Winner of the Connect for Good Challenge 2023

Towards Sustainable Logistics Infrastructure: An Interview with Tecnalia

Digital quantum simulations can be used to solve problems in solid-state research, for example conductivity, magnetism or superconductivity.

Quality matters - Advances in digital quantum simulation