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Xometry Europe, a leading on-demand manufacturing platform, offers dozens of manufacturing processes and materials, from CNC machining, sheet metal fabrication and injection moulding, to complex 3D printing technologies. The company relies on a European supplier network of over 2,000 companies in 25 countries. With our Instant Quoting Engine, you can get quotes for your parts in seconds and order them in a few clicks.

Latest Posts

Fillets and chamfers are usually added to solid models to make them look good and eliminate sharp edges and corners. Many engineers use these features with ease in their CAD models in order to improve the features and elevate the designs. But what is the impact of fillets and chamfers on CNC costs?

How Fillets and Chamfers Impact CNC Machining Costs

Colour uniformity in plastic injection moulding is more than just an aesthetic concern; it is a vital part of product quality. In this article, we'll unravel the complexities of different colour systems used in injection moulding and the importance of specifying colour tones numerically.

Color Uniformity in Plastic Injection Molding