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Telepresence Robots for Customized Robotic Applications

A robot camera assistant with autonomous navigation for remote meetings, video calls and more.


Product TypeTelepresence Robot
PurposeTelecommuting for enhanced social experience
TechnologyAI-face recognition, autonomous navigation, 2D Mapping, 3D localization


Taking the Video-Calling Experience to New Levels 

The concept of Telepresence Robots by OhmniLabs is relatively new since many believe it's only possible with AR and VR. However, the telepresence robots by OhmniLabs show that it's practically possible without wearing VR headsets or any other headgear. 

Construction and Features

The telepresence robot is a stand-alone robot with an adjustable stand that holds a high-definition screen, a 4K camera, and a powerful mic that can capture distant sounds and a speaker that delivers a crystal-clear voice. 

The hidden features include:

  • The ability to map and localize.

  • Voice recognition.

  • Obstacle avoidance for collision prevention.

  • AI-powered facial recognition. 

Telepresence Robots

The project Robotics for Good has launched a range of intelligent solutions to make life easier for people. They have introduced the following models so far:

Ohmni® Telepresence Robot

The Ohmni® Telepresence Robot is 4 feet 8 inches tall and has a tilting neck. It offers an advanced 4K camera, delivering high-definition video to the receiver. The Far-field mic and speaker enable the user to listen and speak from any corner of the room.

The Supercam robot automatically adjusts the camera and screen by sensing the user's current position and location. The auto-adjustable neck gives the optimal view to the user, whether standing, walking, or relaxing. 

The battery-powered robot has an up-time of 6 hours and 18 hours of idle time. The robot's base also serves as an auto-charging dock, requiring a single click for hassle-free charging. The product comes assembled and only requires unfolding. 

Ohmni® Telepresence Robot boat has sturdy material and is lightweight for portability. Moreover, it has built-in software and controllers and offers smooth navigation across various surfaces.

Temi Personal Robot

This telepresence robot offers enhanced features, such as autonomous navigation, 3D localization, and 2D mapping, for a tailored experience. The AI-powered robot gradually performs better after memorizing the navigation patterns of multiple locations. 

Even better, obstacle avoidance prevents it from collisions, enabling it to move freely anywhere it goes. With AI-powered facial recognition, Temi can detect and follow people without manual control. The telepresence robot can recognize voices and speech and is compatible with Alexa. 

On top of that, it can also deliver small items, thanks to the delivery tray on the back. Just like Alexa, Temi can also be connected to other Bluetooth-enabled devices. ​

Double 3 Robot

This telepresence robot has a built-in obstacle avoidance feature, making it move independently. Double 3 boasts 2D Mapping and 3D localization, allowing users to call the robot to any location. The robot will reach that exact point as the user points toward the floor before them and clicks. 

Double 3 Robot can be a good office assistant as it can be controlled remotely, taking its owner anywhere across the floor. The screen height can be adjusted according to the user's preferences. The lowest height is 119cm, and the maximum is 150 cm. 

What's more interesting is that one user can simultaneously remotely control multiple Double 3 Robots from a central dashboard. 

Advantages of Telepresence Robots

Because of its sleek and sturdy construction, the telepresence robot can move according to the user's preferences. It allows users to find the right people to talk to and move with them. The telepresence robot takes the user to all corners of the specified location, making them feel physically present. 

On top of that, this device is moresuitable for surveillance as it can commute and can reach places where fixed surveillance cameras can't reach, hence a potential replacement. Moreover, it cuts down the cost of camera installation, labor, and maintenance. 

The Future of Telepresence Robots

Moving into the future, telepresence robots will see more integrations. Current capabilities and functionalities will likely improve, making these robots a top choice for online meetings, homeschooling, surveillance, home delivery, socializing, and product promotions.


Robotics for Good [Internet]

Robotics for Good [Internet]



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