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Silicon Labs FG25-PK6012A FG25 RoW Pro Kit

A flexible RF prototyping and development kit for wireless communication systems.


Product CategoryRF Development Tools
Antenna TypeDipole
ConnectivityUSB and Ethernet
ApplicationsWireless Security Systems, Automated Machinery Control, Smart Homes, Building Automation, Wireless Metering and data collection, Wireless sensor networks


The Silicon Lab FG25-PK6012A FG25 RoW Pro Kit provides a comprehensive application interface for prototyping RF devices to develop wireless communication systems. It features the EFR32 Gecko Wireless System-on-Chip solution with a powerful combination of BRD4002A and EFR32FG25 Radio boards for ensuring high-speed connectivity and configuration procedures. The kit helps develop industrial and residential applications in the Internet of Things, Wireless Sensor Networks, Smart Buildings, Lighting Control, Wireless data collection systems, and Medical device development.

Intuitive and Flexible Design for Wireless System Applications

The board's design supports portability and ease of use for RF developers. It’s compact design can operate on a wide frequency range, making it suitable for various Silicon Lab wireless applications. 

The FG25-PK6012A FG25 Pro Kit features various tools that facilitate instant evaluation and development for wireless applications. An on-board J-Link debugging tool lets the developers program and debug codes on target devices. These target devices can connect via Ethernet and USB connections. 

Moreover, it features an Advanced Energy Monitor to monitor the real-time current and voltage values constantly. Also, a Virtual COM port (VCOM) facilitates serial port connections over Ethernet and USB ports. 

The board also features a Packet Trace Interface (PTI) that shows debug information regarding the received and transmitted packets over the wireless connections. It harnesses the power of AEM, PTI, and VCOM to communicate with the external hardware that can be attached to the radio board.

Additionally, the board features a simplicity connector and an EXP header connection for connecting to expansion boards. There is a built-in logic analyzer and adequate slots to connect a battery or USB cable for powering up the device. Also, there is a 128 x 128 pixel memory LCD LEDs, and buttons for indications and configurations. 

Versatile Kit Components with Powerful On-Board Elements

The development kit features quite a wide range of development boards and supporting peripherals for RF prototyping projects. The main kit board features an 868 MHz high-efficiency dipole antenna for long-range RF communication. It also contains a 10p 150 mm flat cable for instant and secure connections. The flat cable provides more flexibility to work with portable systems without compromising on the power input quality. 

One of the main components of the wireless pro kit is the FG25-RB4271A Radio Board. It supports operations for EFR32 Gecko Wireless System-on-Chip. The board connects as a plugin to the wireless pro kit. This radio board can deliver a 16dBm power output and features an SMA connector that works in the 863 to 870 MHz band. Hence it provides a reliable power output for quicker and more accurate development and prototyping applications. Thanks to seamless installation and connection points, the board can be set up instantly to initiate the wireless kit operations. It’s responsible for all the wireless communication and interfacing with the Pro Kit. 

The extensive features and functionalities allow this wireless pro kit to be used for wireless development and prototyping applications such as Industrial Automation, security and surveillance, automated machine control, building automation, wireless sensor networks, data collection and metering systems, smart homes, and health monitoring systems.


Mouser Electronics [Internet]

Mouser Electronics [Internet]

Mouser Electronics [Internet]



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