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Sensirion LD20-0600L Liquid Flow Sensor Evaluation Kit

Plug-and-play evaluation kit for Sensiron’s medical-grade LD20-0600L liquid flow sensors that provides I2C digital signal readout over the USB interface.


Kit contents3x LD20-0600L liquid flow sensors, 3x LD20 base stations, PC software
Communications interfaceI2C over USB
Sensor response time<50
H2O full scale flow rate20
Accuracy below full-scale measurement±5% of measured value
Stock calibration mediumH2O
Recommended maximum use duration7
Shelf life3
Additional featuresBidirectional measurement, real-time failure detection
Product applicationsBiomedical devices, bioreactors, surgical instruments, wearable drug delivery devices, infusion therapy


The Sensirion LD20-0600L Liquid Flow Sensor Evaluation Kit is designed to offer a convenient and cost-effective means to evaluate the LD20-series of CMOS-based flow rate sensors. The evaluation kit comprises of three LD20-0600L liquid flow sensors, three LD20 base stations, and PC software. It allows sensor prototyping and integration on the PC through the Sensirion SCC1-USB sensor cable, which is sold separately but it is nevertheless required to enable plug-and-play connectivity for evaluation.

PC-Based Evaluation Over USB Interface

Sensirion’s evaluation kit serves the purpose of testing and protyping the ultra-low flow LD20-0600L liquid flow sensor, which is used in mission critical medical applications. The flow sensor is used to regulate the infusion of drugs and other fluids in surgical instruments and wearable drug delivery devices, in addition to applications in bioreactors and biomedical devices, which necessitates precise control of fluid delivery at a scale of a few hundred µl/h. The PC-based evaluation kit allows real-time measurement of sensor data in conjunction with reliable detection of failure modes to evaluate fluid delivery systems prior to deployment in the field.

The portable and power-efficient LD20-0600L liquid flow sensors interface with the LD20 base stations through convenient metal contact pad-based mating system that is secured by a simple clip-on mechanism. The sensors communicate with the host PC through the base station using the I2C digital interface. The Sensirion PC software included in the kit performs the dual purpose of viewing and exporting sensor data for evaluation.

Precise Measurement for Medical Applications

The Sensirion LD20-0600L Liquid Flow Sensor is designed for precise measurement of fluids for the medical industry. The sensor is tailor-made for this application by employing the accurate yet cost-effective CMOS microthermal measurement technology, which makes it flexible enough to be deployed as a single use solution. The contactless nature of the measurement technique allows the sensor to be physically isolated from the fluid medium through its medical grade material construction. This makes the sensor suitable for drug delivery mechanisms in surgical and neonatal applications, where maintaining a sterile environment is important.

The digital flow sensor is designed to measure extremely small changes in flow rate in the order of a few hundred µl/h, but it is also versatile enough to measure bi-directional fluid flow up to a rate of litre/h. The compact and cost-effective LD20-0600L Liquid Flow Sensor comes calibrated out of the box for H2O. The low-power sensor is suitable for wearable drug delivery and incorporates a temperature-compensated signal to deliver consistent performance irrespective of the ambient operating temperature.




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