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Semtech LR1121DVK1TxKS Development Kits

Development Kits that feature Semtech LoRa Connect LR1121 transceiver, ensuring enhanced connectivity and modern RF solutions.


ProductDevelopment Kit
TypeRF Transceiver
For Evaluation OfLR1121
PCB Layers4
Region & Frequency Band (Europe)868MHz and 2.4GHz
Region & Frequency Band (North America)915MHz and 2.4GHz
Region & Frequency Band (China)490MHz and 2.4GHz
Tx Out Power (Europe)14dBm (sub-GHz) and 11.5dBm (2.4GHz)
Tx Out Power (North America)22dBm (sub-GHz) and 11.5dBm (2.4GHz)
Tx Out Power (China)20dBm (sub-GHz) and 11.5dBm
Reference Clock32MHz
ApplicationsSmart Meters, Building Automation, Agricultural Sensors, Asset Tracking, Safety and Security Sensors, Remote Control Applications, Home Automation and Appliances


The Semtech LR1121DVK1TxKS development kits showcase the advanced capabilities of the Semtech LoRa Connect LR1121 transceiver. Tailored for diverse RF applications, these kits are compatible with multiple ISM bands, including 868MHz, 915MHz, 490MHz, and the global 2.4GHz. With a four-layered PCB design, they ensure optimal performance and reduced interference. The kits are regionally configured for Europe, North America, and China, offering varying transmit output powers. They have a precise 32MHz crystal reference clock and an efficient RF matching switch, enhancing signal quality. Each development kit includes specific RF modules, reinforcing its versatility in deployment across sectors like agriculture, retail, and safety. Semtech LR1121DVK1TxKS offers seamless integration and adaptability for developers, ideal for use in smart cities, parking sensors, environmental sensors, radio-controlled toys and drones. 

4-Layered PCB Design, Ensuring Optimal Performance and Reduced Interference

The Semtech LR1121DVK1TxKS development kits come with a meticulously designed four-layered PCB. This design choice plays a pivotal role in multiple technical aspects:

Enhanced Signal Integrity: The multi-layered approach ensures that the tracks carrying high-frequency signals are shielded by ground planes, reducing the chances of signal degradation and cross-talk.

Improved Power Distribution: The distribution becomes more uniform with separate layers dedicated to power and ground. This helps minimise voltage drops and ensure stable power delivery to the components.

Reduced Electromagnetic Interference (EMI): A significant advantage of a four-layered PCB is its ability to reduce both the emission and susceptibility of electromagnetic interference, leading to more reliable and consistent performance.

Flexibility in Component Placement: Having more layers offers designers greater flexibility in placing components efficiently, facilitating better routing and minimising the length of signal paths.

LR1121DVK1TxKS Development Kits Features

The LR1121DVK1TxKS development kit includes everything needed to get started, including an LR1121 LoRa transceiver, a development board, and an antenna. The LR1121 is a single-chip solution for LoRaWAN networks. It supports all three LoRaWAN sub-bands (433 MHz, 868 MHz, and 915 MHz) and is compatible with LoRaWAN 1.0 and LoRaWAN 1.0.2 specifications. The kits are tailored to the specific needs of three primary regions: Europe, North America, and China. Each configuration offers different transmit output powers suitable for its designated region.

The development kits provide a simple and easy-to-use platform for interfacing with the LR1121 transceiver. It includes a microcontroller, an onboard antenna, and a variety of other peripherals, such as LEDs, buttons, and switches. The 32MHz crystal reference clock ensures accurate and consistent timing across operations. The included RF matching switch is instrumental in optimising the signal quality, ensuring that the transmission and reception of signals occur without significant loss or distortion.

The LR1121DVK1TxKS kits also include a pre-programmed LoRaWAN stack, making it easy to start LoRaWAN development. The LoRaWAN stack provides all necessary functionality for developing LoRaWAN applications, including MAC layer management, security, and application programming interfaces (APIs). These development kits are ideal for engineers and developers new to LoRaWAN and experienced LoRaWAN developers who want to evaluate the Semtech LR1121 transceiver.


The LR1121DVK1TxKS development kits cater to a diverse range of applications. They're ideal for asset tracking, from vehicles and livestock to inventory, due to LoRaWAN's long-range and energy efficiency. The kits also excel in environmental monitoring, capturing data on temperature, humidity, and air quality in distant locations. In the domestic realm, they play a role in smart home automation, controlling devices like lights and thermostats. Their potential extends to industrial automation, facilitating remote pump and valve operation. Moreover, in the urban context, they're pivotal for smart city solutions, aiding parking, traffic surveillance, and waste management.



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