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Renesas Electronics RA0E1 Fast Prototyping Board

Prototyping board designed to simplify the development of RA0E1 MCU.


ProductEvaluation Board
For Evaluation OfRA0E1 Series
Evaluation MCURA0E1 32-bit MCU 32-pin ROM: 64KB, RAM: 12KB
Emulator CircuitSEGGER J-Link™ on-board Programmer/Debugger
Compatible WithArduino Uno™ and Pmod™ Interfaces
Power Supply Voltage5 V
Size53mm x 85mm
ApplicationsGeneral Purpose Systems, IoT Devices, Industrial Automation and Sensors, Consumer Applications, Home Appliances, Building Automation, Medical and Healthcare devices


The Renesas Electronics RA0E1 Fast Prototyping Board is a development tool designed to streamline the creation of prototypes centered around the RA0E1 microcontroller (MCU). Ideal for quick prototyping, this compact board measures just 53mm x 85mm and is equipped with a 32-bit MCU featuring 64KB ROM and 12KB RAM. The board simplifies the development process with a built-in SEGGER J-Link emulator circuit, eliminating the need for additional programming and debugging tools. It also offers comprehensive expandability through Arduino Uno and Pmod interfaces, with through-hole access to all MCU pins. This streamlines the connection process with wireless or sensor modules. Renesas provides sample software to help users get started and explore the RA0E1 MCU's functionalities.

RA0E1 Fast Prototyping Board Features  

Let’s discuss the technical aspects and features that make the RA0E1 Prototyping Board a unique choice for applications requiring a low-power, 32-bit MCU solution.

Integrated MCU and Debugging

The board is equipped with a 32-bit RA0E1 MCU, ideal for various applications. This MCU features 64KB of ROM, providing enough storage for the program code, and 12KB of RAM for program execution and data manipulation. The 32-bit architecture efficiently handles complex tasks, while its suitability for low-power applications makes it ideal for battery-powered devices.

One of the most time-consuming aspects of prototyping can be debugging and flashing code. The RA0E1 Fast Prototyping Board eliminates this hurdle with a built-in SEGGER J-Link emulator circuit. This feature allows users to seamlessly program and debug their code directly on the board without the need for additional tools or external debuggers. This translates to faster development cycles and less frustration.

Expandability and Connectivity

The RA0E1 Fast Prototyping Board offers through-hole access to each and every pin of the RA0E1 MCU. This feature provides flexibility when it comes to connecting external components. Through-hole components are easier to solder and work with compared to surface-mount components, making this board ideal for those working in less-equipped environments. This allows users to connect various sensors, actuators, displays, and other peripherals to their prototype, enabling them to explore multiple functionalities.

The board takes expandability further by featuring both Arduino Uno and Pmod-compatible interfaces. The Arduino Uno interface allows users to leverage the vast ecosystem of Arduino shields and modules, providing pre-built functionalities to integrate into their prototype. Pmod compatibility caters to more specialized applications, offering a wide range of industry-standard peripheral modules that can be easily connected to the board. 

Compact Design and Software Support

Despite its comprehensive functionality, the RA0E1 Fast Prototyping Board maintains a compact size, measuring only 53mm x 85mm. This allows developers to create prototypes with a reduced footprint, ideal for space-constrained applications or for creating multiple prototypes on a single working surface.

Furthermore, Renesas offers extensive software support for the RA0E1 MCU. This includes access to various development tools and sample software designed explicitly for the RA0E1. The sample software serves multiple purposes. It showcases the capabilities of the RA0E1 MCU, allowing developers to explore its functionalities and get a head start on their projects. Additionally, the sample software can simplify connections with external modules like wireless or sensor components, further accelerating the development process.


The RA0E1 Fast Prototyping Board’s versatility extends to a wide range of applications. Its powerful 32-bit MCU and flexible connectivity make it suitable for general-purpose systems requiring efficient processing and control. The board's low-power capabilities are ideal for battery-powered IoT devices, while its industrial-grade features cater to industrial automation and sensor applications.  For consumer applications, the board's ease of use and Arduino compatibility open doors for the rapid prototyping of innovative gadgets. Furthermore, its compact size makes it well-suited for home appliances and building automation systems.  The board's robust design can be incorporated into medical and healthcare devices or wearable technology,  demonstrating its exceptional adaptability across various development needs.


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