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NXP Semiconductors MC56F80000-EVK Evaluation Kit

Evaluation kit that acts as a platform for the NXP MC56F80x digital signal controllers MCU family with form-factor compatibility to Arduino R3 pin layout.


ProductEvaluation Kit
Product TypeDevelopment Boards & Kits - Other Processors
Clock8 - 16
Sensors3-axis MEMS accelerometer
ConnectivityUSB interface, Virtual serial port, and Arduino R3 compatible I/O connectors
Power managementOpenSDA USB, Virtual serial port USB, External 5V adapter
ApplicationsMotor control, Power conversion, Lighting control, Industrial automation, Medical devices, and Consumer electronics.


NXP MC56F80748 has 64 kB on-chip flash memory and 8 kB on-chip RAM. The MC56F80xxx device family is based on a 32-bit 56800EF core with up to 100 MIPS at 100 MHz core frequency. The device coordinates the rotation of the digital computer (CORDIC) engine. The MC56F80000-EVK board has OpenSDA, 3-axis MEMS accelerometer, PWM and user LEDs, buttons, ADC test circuits, OPAMP test circuits, and external serial flash memory. The evaluation kit is a development platform for the MC56F80x digital signal controllers MCU family with form-factor compatibility to Arduino™ R3 pin layout. 

MC56F80000-EVK Evaluation Kit Features 

The MC56F80000-EVK evaluation kit is based on MC56F80748 digital signal controller (DSC). MC56F80x Digital Signal Controllers (DSCs) are based on the 100MHz, 56800EF DSP-core that provides math capabilities for advanced power conversion and motor-control applications. These controllers include peripherals such as an 8-channel eFlexPWM with 312ps resolution, a quadrature decoder, dual high-speed 12-bit ADCs, and three analog comparators. The digital signal controller also contains two operational amplifiers that provide a programmable gain of up to x16. The EVTG and inter-module crossbar build an interconnection network between module I/Os and external pins with hardware logic/trigger operation capability to achieve flexible system configuration. 

The evaluation kit integrates an OpenSDA, which provides an onboard debugger and a virtual serial port for rapid prototyping and product development. OpenSDA MCU is a Kinetis K Series K26 family device on MC56F80000-EVK. For connectivity, users can use a 5 V input power supply using an external DC power supply connector, OpenSDA USB micro-AB connector, USB micro-AB connector, and LD1117 LDO for 3.3 V VDD supply. There is also MCU input/output access through Arduino R3 compatible I/O connectors. 

MC56F80000-EVK uses a 3-axis MEMS accelerometer FXLS8974CF sensor for motion sensing. The kit supports both high-performance and low-power operating modes. MC56F80000-EVK has light-emitting diodes to monitor system functions, such as power-on, board faults, reset, etc. There are three user-defined LEDs and six LEDs controlled by 6 PWM channels. The information collected from LEDs can be used for debugging purposes. 

Debugging is possible using an onboard OpenSDA circuit that supports programming and debugging with CodeWarrior. Users get a 14-pin JTAG port to connect with a standalone programmer to create and test various applications. Eclipse IDE is CodeWarrior for MCUs, while MCUXpresso Config Tools is a graphic tool to configure peripherals and provide stationeries within the CodeWarrior Software Development Kit (SDK). Both of these resources act as additional support for users. 


MC56F80000-EVK evaluation kit is an affordable development board that can be used in a wide range of embedded applications that require precise control and real-time processing capabilities. Potential applications include motor control, power conversion, lighting control, industrial automation, medical devices, and consumer electronics. 


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Mouser Electronics [Internet]

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