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Electric Slide EGSK

A compact-design high-precision spindle axis with a ball screw drive for CNC applications.


Product TypeElectric Slide Actuator
Size15 to 46
Repetition Accuracy± 3 micrometers
Feed Force57 to 392 N
Velocity0.33 to 1.48 m/s
ApplicationsCNC machining, Robotics, Assembly automation, Indexing of workpieces or tools, Precision measurement and inspection, Material handling, 3D printing etc.


The EGSK electric slide is available in various sizes and configurations, allowing it to handle various loads and linear motion applications such as robotics, CNC machines, precision measurements, material handling, etc. It has a compact design featuring a strip-covered internal guide with a ball screw for space-saving position-sensing applications.

Flexible Design with Standardised Mounting Interfaces

The EGSK Electric Slides series features a range of electric slides built with high-rigidity metal. The linear electric drive features a ball screw driven by a servo motor. Therefore, it ensures high precision and smooth movement on the rails. Moreover, the internal recirculating ball bearing guide provides additional rigidity and enhances the load capacity for the electric drive. 

The slide kit features a standardized mounting kit assembled in a U-shaped steel housing. Thanks to this design, the housing also serves as a high-precision guide rail. Moreover, there are linear guide elements that combine with the spindle nut, forming a single component to reduce manufacturing tolerances.

The kit also features a motor controller with mounting flanges and screws. Thanks to a compact and robust design, the controller can handle the connected motors up to a maximum speed of 1.48 m/s at a feed force of 392 N. The electric slide is available in three accuracy classes, i.e., the H, P, and standard classes. 

In addition to the servo motor, the slide is also available with stepper motors and integrated drives. 

Designed for Industrial Linear Motion Applications 

The EGSK Electric slide also offers versatile design schemes. It’s available in a standard design as well as a slide, short design. So, it provides additional flexibility for compact industrial applications such as robotics and automation. 

Its high-rigidity design allows the slide to cater to heavy load applications, especially on the assembly lines. More importantly, its high-accuracy repetition ensures precise positioning and sensing applications. One feature makes it an appealing option for CNC applications, such as drilling and designing accurate metallic parts for the automotive and aerospace industries.

The slide design also features anodized aluminum screws to prevent rusting and enhance longevity. It, therefore, reduces maintenance, especially in busy assembly lines requiring frequent movement of parts and components to different stations on the assembly line. 

Besides assembly lines, the EGSK electric slide has applications in precision measurement and inspection jobs, allowing various parts to be moved to precise locations for accurate measurement. Hence, it can be integrated into research and innovation equipment for reliable measurements.


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