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DIGI MP157 Development Kit

A development board integrating ConnectCore MP157 dual 512 MB/512 MB wireless SOM for developing secure, connected, and smart embedded industrial products with added security features.


ProductEvaluation Kit
Product TypeDevelopment Boards & Kits - Other Processors
Memory512 MB SLC NAND Flash, 512 MB DDR3L
Camera8- to 14-bit camera
Operating Temperature−40 °C to 85 °C (−40 °F to 185 °F)
Radio ApprovalsUS, Canada, EU, Japan, Australia/New Zealand, Brazil, Mexico
ApplicationsIndustrial Automation, Smart Homes, Medical Devices, and Home Automation


The development kit features a tightly integrated, secure, and industrial-specified connected system-on-module (SOM) solution in a small and reliable form factor. The module is a development kit with remote capabilities and a smart communication engine for today’s secure connected devices. The development kit is based on the STM32MP1 MPU with turnkey Linux support in the DIGI SMTplus standard form factor. DIGI MP157 package contains a broad suite of tools and turnkey Linux software support. DIGI MP157 development kit is used for applications requiring high security, reliability, and performance levels. Potential applications include industrial automation, home automation, smart homes, and medical devices.

DIGI MP157 Development Kit Features  

DIGI MP157 is a communication engine for today’s secure connected devices. It is built on the STM32MP157C with dual Arm Cortex-A7, Cortex-M4 core, 512 MB SLC NAND flash, and 512 MB DDR3L memory. The integrated 3D graphics processing unit (GPU) and display interface options are useful for advanced Human Machine Interface (HMI) development. The development kit integrates Gigabit Ethernet and pre-certified dual-band Wi-Fi 5 (802.11a/b/g/n/ac) with Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity. 

DIGI MP157 development kit is based on a scalable, industrial-grade, and embedded SOM platform. The kit has a form factor of 29 x 29 mm for better reliability. It has a 3D GPU, high-resolution display, MIPI camera, and pin compatibility with Digi ConnectCore 6UL SOMs. The device also has a cellular modem and DIGI XBee integration.   

While using the development kit, users get different display options, i.e., HDMI display, LVDS display, and MIPI display. On-chip modules include a USB host, USB OTG, CAN-FD, MicroSD card, PCIe mini card with SIM card holder, Mikroe click boards connector, console over USB, microphone, headphones for audio, user buttons, and LEDs. 

Embedded device security is a critical design aspect for the growing number of connected IoT applications. DIGI ConnectCore SOM solutions provide built-in security, identity, and additional privacy with Digi TrustFence. It is a fully integrated device-security framework that simplifies the process of securing connected devices. 

DIGI’s feature-rich Linux distribution, DIGI Embedded Yocto, with other extensions for embedded product design, provides a fully tested, validated, and maintained turnkey Linux software platform.

The kit includes DIGI ConnectCore MP157 DB with SOM, console port cable, dual-band wireless antenna, power supply and accessories, reference designs, and online documentation for users.


DIGI MP157 development kit is suitable for a wide range of IoT applications, including industrial automation, smart homes, and medical devices. With its low-power, high-performance processor, comprehensive connectivity options, and range of sensors and peripherals, the kit provides a great starting point for developers looking to create new IoT applications and embedded systems.


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Mouser Electronics [Internet]


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