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Beach cleaning operations focus on removing the waste we can see, such as plastic water bottles and trash, often using gas-powered tractors that bury microplastics beneath the top layer of sand. In contrast, the Cornell Nexus robot will use renewable solar energy to collect and remove microplastic waste.

Students design robot to collect microplastics from beaches

Article #6 of Power Management for Tomorrow’s Innovations Series: Power supplies for vehicle asset-tracking devices must be designed to operate at different voltage-current levels, be compact, and offer protection during transients and electrical faults.

Building Power and Protection Circuits for Vehicle Asset-Tracking Devices

Advances in chips, sensors, and AI algorithms are enabling robots to continuously learn how to plan routes, avoid obstructions, and operate safely in large dynamic warehouse environments.

Robots that can learn to safely navigate warehouses

Designed using off-the-shelf parts, a low-cost microcontroller, and a 3D-printed chassis, the HeRo 2.0 robot costs just $18 to build — and is at the heart of an effort to open swarm robotics up to a broader audience.

HeRo 2.0, an ultra-low cost 3D-printed robotics platform, could open swarm robotics experimentation up to all

Agricultural robots are the work force of tomorrow 

Autonomous agricultural robots revolutionize organic farming

Yasuhide “Yasu” Yokoi is the cofounder of design and technology firm Final Aim Inc., which works with laboratories, startups, and multinational companies to transform ideas into tangible solutions.

Yasuhide Yokoi and Final Aim Inc.: Rapid iterations of an autonomous delivery robot

In this series we will create short informative digests about popular engineering topics, enabling you to stay up to date.

Wevolver Digest Pilot: Topic Space

The Ascento project is an invention by the Focus Project team composed of 8 Mechanical Engineering students and 1 Electrical Engineering student at ETH Zurich.

Ascento 2: Two-Wheeled Jumping Robot

Based on designs from four previous generations of RIPSAW tracked vehicles, the M5 is an extremely mobile, unmanned robotic vehicle suitable for all-terrain conditions.

Textron RIPSAW M5 Robotic Vehicle

Researchers from the Institute of Robotics and Mechatronics of the German Aerospace Center (DLR) and a consortium of additional DLR institutes and technology partners are investigating how aid supplies can be safely brought to their destinations using remote-controlled trucks.

DLR robotic vehicles will support deliveries in difficult areas for the World Food Programme

Gecko Robotics is the company behind the creation of industrial inspection robots to aid in the assessment of manufacturing machinery such as tanks, boilers, scrubbers, and piping over time.

Gecko Robotics: Wall climbing robot for Industrial Inspections

By introducing robots for the inspection, multiple inspection processes can be executed in parallel. This speeds up the overall inspection process, which today often is performed on a section-by-section basis through a single inspector.

A magnetic climbing robot for inspection of steel structures.

Robotic solutions for ground, air, and underwater missions

Mobile Manipulation Capabilities for the U.S. Department of Defense

Navigation system enables robots to adapt to specific real-world environments and use cases with only small amounts of human preference data.

Fast Adaptation of Reinforcement-Learned Robot Navigation Skills to Human Preferences

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