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Content and Media Strategist

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A newly created real-life Transformer is capable of reconfiguring its body to achieve eight distinct types of motion and can autonomously assess the environment it faces to choose the most effective combination of motions to maneuver.

New Bioinspired Robot Flies, Rolls, Walks, and More

Nearly a decade ago, researchers heralded the discovery of a new wonder class of ultrathin materials with special optical and electrical properties that made it a potential rival for graphene, a form of carbon discovered in 2004 whose own special properties interest both scientists and engineers.

Boosting Superconductivity in Graphene Bilayers

In January 2023, the Caltech Space Solar Power Project (SSPP) is poised to launch into orbit a prototype, dubbed the Space Solar Power Demonstrator (SSPD), which will test several key components of an ambitious plan to harvest solar power in space and beam the energy back to Earth.

Caltech to Launch Space Solar Power Technology Demo into Orbit in January

Engineers at Caltech have developed a method for 3-D printing pure and multicomponent metals, at a resolution that is, in some cases, an order of magnitude smaller than previously possible. The process, which uses water-based chemistry and 3-D printing, was described in a paper published in Nature on October 20.

New Process Allows 3-D Printing of Microscale Metallic Parts

Engineers at Caltech and the University of Southampton have collaboratively designed an electronics chip integrated with a photonics chip (which uses light to transfer data)—creating a cohesive final product capable of transmitting information at ultrahigh speed while generating minimal heat.

Electronic-Photonic Chip Sandwich Pushes Boundaries of Computing and Data Transmission Efficiency

The ability to turn superconductivity off and on with a literal flip of a switch in so-called "magic-angle twisted graphene" has allowed engineers at Caltech to observe an unusual phenomenon that may shed new light on superconductivity in general.

Unusual Superconductivity Observed in Twisted Trilayer Graphene