Young Talent Square at Vision, Robotics & Motion 2023: Start-Ups and Student Teams Discuss Their Technologies

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31 May, 2023

Image source: Vision, Robotics & Motion, “Robot”, 2023. Accessed via https://vision-robotics.nl/

Image source: Vision, Robotics & Motion, “Robot”, 2023. Accessed via https://vision-robotics.nl/

Vision, Robotics & Motion is a highly anticipated event in the manufacturing industry that will take place in the Netherlands on the 7th and 8th of June, 2023. It will celebrate its 20th edition in 2023.

The Vision Robotics and Motion event is an great opportunity for engineers and manufacturing companies to discover the latest technological developments and applications in smart automation, such as robotics, vision, motion, and AI solutions. It is expected to host over 100 manufacturers, system integrators, suppliers, and consultants, providing a complete overview of solutions for smart automation in a production environment. It also offers conference tracks where manufacturing companies can share their use cases and tips, and subject experts can discuss the latest technological developments and applications. 

The Young Talent Square is another event highlight, providing a platform for student-teams and start-ups to showcase their innovative solutions. Five start-up companies and two student teams will be featured at the Young Talent Square in 2023. They will showcase their technologies and the impact of these technologies on vision, robotics, and motion. Their presence at the fair is set to inspire and inform engineers about the latest innovations and what the future holds for the industry. 

Below we highlight each of the featured young talent teams. 

Asimovo B.V

Image source: Asimivo B.V. ''Asimobo B.V.'s product, 2023. 

Asimovo B.V. is a new robotics platform start-up specializing in developing and testing robots. Their platform is cloud-based, paving the way for easy remote collaboration and innovation among a wide range of disciplines, such as AI and ML specialists, mechanical engineers, testing professionals, and non-technical project managers. Asimovo's platform provides a comprehensive solution that combines all the key robotics tools in one place, reducing the time it takes to get robots to market. 

“At Asimovo we believe that Robots have the power to transform the way we work, live and play. Over the past few years developing Robots we struggled to collaborate remotely. We saw many others struggling with the same lack of industry ready tools. That is why we have created the Asimovo. A cloud based platform for developing and testing robots. This is a place that not only empowers collaboration but also can help facilitate the establishment of best practices for creating robots that are both high performance and scalable,” describes Christine Fraser Founder & CEO Asimovo

“We are launching our Asimovo platform in June, and demoing some features for the first time at Vision, Robotics and Motion. We will be launching our Freemium service at the show. Asimovo is a cloud-based platform for developing and testing robots. This will impact the industry in a positive way as we will be providing a new solution that combines all the key robotics tools together in one platform. We believe this could reduce the time it takes to get robots to market by months, reducing what was previously an 18month project down to just 3 or 4 months.”

“We are strong believers in new technologies, and their power to accelerate the industry. Collaboration is the way forward. the problems we are trying to find solutions for are too complex and large for one company to be able to provide all the answers. So partnerships and collaborations are critical, and new and emerging technology and solutions are a large part of that collaboration.” 

Alltrons B.V.

Image source: Alltrons B.V., ''Analog Keyboard'', 2023.

Another start-up at the Vision, Robotics & Motion event is Alltrons B.V. This Dutch start-up has shifted its expertise from pressure-sensitive keyboards to developing software and hardware solutions for clients in varying industries. Alltrons B.V. is involved with two technologies:

  1. Cloud platforms: A cloud platform is a software that allows users to access and manage applications, data, and services over the internet rather than using a physical server or computer. This platform enables clients to automate the collection, storage, processing, and reporting of their data from anywhere through various protocols and methods. 
  2. Analog keyboards: Analog keyboard is a type of computer keyboard that uses pressure-sensitive keys rather than traditional mechanical switches. This keyboard has better sensitivity, responsiveness, and durability than conventional ones.


Image source: Snapdaq. ''Snapdaq's x1U'', 2023.

Snapdaq is a company that provides next-generation data acquisition solutions for engineers. Their x1U input module can be connected to analog sensors, allowing engineers to monitor and control machine performance. Their crosser edge analytics software allows for data collection, transformation, and streaming analytics, making it easier to identify anomalies and improve performance. Snapdaq's technology significantly impacts the manufacturing industry, where efficient and reliable machine performance is critical.


Image source: Altaytech, ''Arhitecture'', 2023.

Another exciting company at the Young Talent Square is Altaytech. Altaytech is a technology company specializing in providing custom database solutions and intelligent software infused with cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) for businesses. Altaytech uses two groups of software and hardware technologies to build and deploy its products and services:

  1. Tech stacks: A tech stack refers to the combination of programming languages, frameworks, libraries, and tools used to develop software applications. Altaytech's tech stack includes Python, Django, Flask, JavaScript, React, Angular, Node.js, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, AWS, and more.
  2. Clusters: A tech cluster comprises interconnected technologies and hardware components to perform specific tasks or functions. Altaytech's clusters include TensorFlow, Keras, Azure, Torch, Theano, Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit, and so on.

“We focus on continuous success in software development capability. Our extensive knowledge and experience in the domain has enabled us to create custom applications with innovative approach and offer solutions that are easily integrated with cutting edge technologies. From drafting architecture of app to final phase, our application development team will guide you every step of the way by providing 100% diligence, explains Murat Angay, commercial director of Altaytech. 

“We want to give the customers the possibility to get in touch with experienced group of software developers, who can deliver software solutions at a very attractive condition. We do project-based development of custom applications tailored to the needs. Besides our software development, we offer customer specific products on electro-optic systems as well.” 


Image source: Agmah, ''Agmah Logo'', 2023.

Eindhoven based Agmah offers an innovative AI platform called Smart Supervisor. This platform simplifies creating custom automation packages and reduces the time from conceptualization to deployment. Their primary focus area is factory automation and develop the following as an ecosystem for the industrial automation and robotics industry:

  • AGMAH "Smart Supervisor" - An AI-powered platform for IIoT, supervisory control, and business intelligence - This allows factory engineers to customize their processes themselves using our easy-to-use no-code programming interface and not depend upon third-party vendors. They can interconnect and reconfigure their shop floor machines on the fly with this platform and also design and deploy a custom UI for shop floor operators to allow new operators to quickly and seamlessly run production lines without much training.
  • AGMAH "Smart Node" - Our proprietary low-power hardware device that retrofits onto existing machines/production lines to establish bi-directional communication and control between the "Smart Supervisor" platform and the shop floor. This can be connected to any machine by means of a power plug and a communication port. Reverting the state and control of the machine to its original state is as simple as disconnecting this device.
  • AGMAH "Smart Simulator" - Our 3D digital twin software that is tightly integrated with the "Smart Supervisor" platform and "Smart Node" device. The factory engineers can use this tool to first design and simulate their process modifications hardware-in-the-loop using the "Smart Supervisor" and then deploy it onto the "Smart Node". We provide some general assets with tools to add custom assets. Engineers can run simulations of multiple scenarios to also incorporate production planning, machine, and manpower scheduling into their process logic.

“Our company is trying to disrupt the multi-stage system integrator industry within the Vision, Robotics & Motion sector using the ecosystem we are building. Currently, the hands of factory engineers are tied as they are dependent on third-party system integrators to make any modifications to the existing processes while having the most in-depth knowledge about their processes. Our offerings provide them with the tools to do these modifications themselves and in a sustainable way,” describes Co-Founder & CEO of AGMAH Ishaan Mahashabde. 

Multirotor Research

Image source: Multirotor Research, ''Robot'', 2023.

MultiRotorResearch (MRR) is an innovative company that is changing how the drone industry operates. By using advanced AI algorithms and 5G connectivity, MRR has created a revolutionary drone-as-a-service platform that is reliable and easy to use. MRR's Drone OS is fully autonomous, enabling it to handle various missions, from precision farming to infrastructure inspections. The MRR Hub is an easy-to-use platform that enables remote mission creation, initiation, and real-time flight data visualization.

“MultiRotorResearch is building a reliable and simple to use drone as a service platform for professional users, explains company founder, Sieuwe Elferink. “We see that the demand for drone services is continuously growing. However traditional drone operators cant meet this demand. This is because every drone needs a professional pilot to operate. These professional pilots are scarce and thus expensive. Also this means that drone operators can have long waiting times. 

“We do it differently by automating the process of drone flight. Using our online platform a professional end user can directly hire a drone service. These services can range from agricultural field mapping to inspections of infrastructure. Since our drones fly autonomous the end user does not need any knowledge of drones. They simply use our online platform to create a mission and press start. The drone will perform the mission completely autonomous enabling end users to focus on important tasks. Using our platform anyone can harness the power of drones. 

What makes MultiRotorResearch unique is that we make drones autonomous using a completely new algorithm based on AI. We use a model which we call End-2-End AI in which a single model performs the entire navigation task. We train this model on human flight data to make it more reliable in difficult situations.”

MRR's unique approach to autonomy is based on an End-2-End AI model, which uses a single model to perform the entire navigation task. This approach is more reliable than traditional methods, such as SLAM, which have been used in robotics for years. MRR continuously looks for emerging technologies to incorporate into its production system, such as event-based cameras.

At the Young Talent Square event, MRR hopes to find partners to develop automated analytic applications for its drone platform. The company is also looking for launching customers with interesting use cases where it can test its system. MRR's advanced solutions are changing the future of industries, and its presence at the event is an excellent opportunity for attendees to see how MRR's technology is making a difference in the world.

Core Changemakers

Image source: Core Changemakers, ''Core Changemakers' Logo'', 2023.

Core Changemakers is a student team focusing on creating a sustainable and circular economy. Since 2018, over 160 students have joined the team, and it has grown from 3 to 35 enthusiastic members, supported by two generations of changemakers. The team's projects focus on solving sustainability challenges, such as turning fly ash into ballast, reducing battery fires, identifying dangerous materials, and recycling solar panels. 

The impact of Core Changemakers on their industry is significant, as they are developing innovative solutions to sustainability challenges. By providing a platform for students to gain hands-on experience and real responsibility over projects, the team is creating future leaders in sustainability. This approach to education will help shape the industry's future by instilling a mindset of sustainability and innovation in the next generation of changemakers.

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Learn more about these impact-making engineering teams at the Vision, Robotics & Motion 2023 event on the 7th and 8th of June, 2023. Find out more about the event here. 










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