The Tech Between Us Podcast: The Rise of Digital Therapeutics

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15 Dec, 2023

The Tech Between Us Podcast: The Rise of Digital Therapeutics

Digital therapeutics are transforming the way we approach medicine and patient care.

Gone are the days when face-to-face consultations were the only option. The digital age has ushered in telemedicine, a convenient and often preferred alternative. This shift is not just about convenience; it's a fundamental change in how healthcare services are delivered and received. In this recent episode of the Mouser ELectronic podcast, The Tech Between Us, host Raymon Yin delves into an insightful conversation with Dr. Smit Patel, Associate Program Director of the Digital Medicine Society (DiMe Society). 

In the first part of this conversation, Raymond explores the latest technologies and promising developments in the field of Digital Therapeutics, where technology and medicine converge to empower individuals in optimizing their health and well-being. 

Digital Therapeutics: A New Frontier in Treatment

Perhaps the most exciting development in healthcare is in the field of digital therapeutics. These tools allow patients to access cognitive behavioral therapy and support right from their phones. This innovation is particularly impactful in addressing issues like opiate cravings during times when traditional medical support is unavailable. However, Digital therapeutics are not limited to one area of healthcare. The field is rapidly expanding beyond its initial focus on diabetes to explore treatments in smoking cessation, oncology, insomnia, and more. This expansion signifies a broader application of digital solutions in healthcare.

A digital approach to ADHD

One notable innovation is Akili Interactive's EndeavorRx, a video game designed for ADHD treatment, now expanded to the adult population. This concept is not just a testament to the creativity in the field but also to the vast potential of digital therapeutics.

Learn more about these fascinating technologies by listening to the episode above. 

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