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Quadruped robot dog inspecting in State Gird of China

12 Jan, 2023

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Jueying X20 smart quadruped robot inspection helps the power grid get through electric demands in the winter.

Recently, the cold wave came, and temperatures fell dramatically. The Power Supply Company, State Grid Jiangsu Suzhou Kunshan, used a modified four-legged robot dog based on the Jueying X20. The quadruped robot's job was to conduct intelligent inspections in Kunshan's 110 kV substation. The inspections helped the power grid manage the electric demands during the winter.

The smart patrol quadruped robot completed tasks at preset points inside the substations, such as Image acquisition, meter reading, equipment appearance identification, infrared temperature measurement, etc. 

Unlike wheeled inspection robots, the quadruped robot has outstanding abilities to traverse complex terrains such as stairs, grass, and gravel. It is equipped with an Imaging and infrared detector and can achieve autonomous navigation through 3D LiDAR SLAM and path planning technology.

Inspection reports can be automatically generated after inspection information analysis, reorganization, and collation. The report would then be displayed on the monitoring platform in real-time. The quadrupedal inspection solution effectively assists manual operation and daily maintenance, which helps the power grid get through electric demands in the winter. 

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