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Wurth Elektronik 6-Axis IMU Sensor Evaluation Board

A six-axis sensor performance evaluation for rapid prototyping with extension boards


Product TypeEvaluation Board
Operating Temperature-40 to +85 degrees
InterfaceSPI and I2C
Axes3-Axis Gyro, 3-Axis accelerometer
ApplicationsIndustrial IoT, Robotics, Drones, Automation


It’s a six-axis IMU sensor evaluation board designed to work with the Würth Sensor Shields for Arduino and the Würth-Sensor FeatherWing module. The evaluation board allows users to test gyros and accelerometers, integrating various sensors with flexible communication interfaces. It is a viable option for numerous sensor-based applications like IoT, robotics, and automation applications.

Six-Axis Inertial Measurement Unit Evaluation Board for Robots and IoT Devices

The sensor evaluation board features a 3-axis gyroscope and 3-axis acceleration features allowing developers to calibrate, acquire data, and integrate with software development kits for further data processing. The board is designed to work with gyros, magnetometers, and accelerometers.

The board features extensive communication modules, including I2C and SPI digital communication interfaces for seamless connection and data transmission. Along with the dedicated pins for sensors, there are additional capabilities allowing developers to evaluate the board by mounting it on a breadboard. 

The Würth 6-axis IMU eval board helps engineers and developers to test various spatial parameters like orientation, motion, and spatial position. It allows easier fine-tuning and calibration of sensors that can be later integrated with motion-based systems like robots, IoT sensing devices, security and surveillance cameras, and industrial automation gadgets. 

Seamless Integration with a Comprehensive Software Development Kit 

The board includes dedicated software development kit that allows developers to integrate sensors for any embedded system applications. 

Each Würth sensor features a sensing element with an ASIC to implement the control logic. The software development kit, therefore, allows the developers to write specific logic and control register values to configure, monitor, and evaluate the performance of the integrated sensors. 

While working with Würth evaluation boards, it’s more convenient to connect the sensors via dedicated pins and interfacing modules, which saves time for setup. The software development kit features platform-independent drivers along with sample applications. These applications have been developed on Raspberry Pi using C language. 

Moreover, the software development kit integrates with Raspberry Pi via l2C pins, which allows the creation of custom applications.

Due to seamless compatibility and rapid connection interfaces, the Würth Elektronik 6-Axis IMU Sensor evaluation board becomes a useful option for bulk testing of spatial sensors, which enhances its applications in robotics, drones, and industrial IoT.



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