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TE Connectivity LEMBAS LTE GNSS USB Modem

A Plug and Play USB Modem for LTE CAT4 Networks and GPS Tracking in Drones and Robots


Product CategoryModem
Compatible Operating SystemsDebian, Linux OS
Antenna TypeEmbedded (Flexible PCB)
Wireless ApplicationsGPS, LTE
ApplicationsRobotics, Drones, Security Surveillance, IoT, Wireless Hotspots
ComplianceUSHTS: 8529902100, ECCN: 5A991.b.2


It’s a compact design featuring multiple Arm processors and single-board computers to provide accurate tracking features in mobile vehicles. The LEMBAS USB modem is a helpful option for robots and drones, helping with position tracking in remote locations thanks to cellular connectivity. Therefore, it has several applications in search and rescue missions, aerial videography, topographical mapping, etc. Simple plug-and-play features with multiple operating system compatibility enable it to run flawlessly on mobile vehicles.

Instant Plug-and-Play Setup and Application

The TE Connectivity LEMBAS USB Modem provides a simplified interface for the users. Thanks to its plug-and-play feature, the user can instantly connect via cellular connectivity, preventing any need for installations or tedious hardware configurations. 

A one-command initial setup lets the user instantly access the Pod Group’s Luner Platform. The built-in Pod Group SIM card can be activated through the Pod Group website. Hence, the modem doesn’t rely on an external sim card.

In addition to providing GPS tracking, the USB modem also works as a flash drive. So, operators can use it as mass storage for critical tracking data on the go. 

The modem features a wide array of 32- and 64-bit Arm processors and single-board computers. It’s compatible with Debian and Linux-OS-based systems making it more programmable and easier to use. 

It has a compact size of 2.44 inches x 1.85 inches, a flexible printed circuit board, a lightweight design weighing only 44 grams, and a small length cable of just .20 meters, making it a valuable option for lightweight drones, robots, and similar surveillance devices. 

The modem uses Cellular and GPS wireless standards applicable within the Americas. 

Compatible With the Latest Microcontroller Boards

The USB modem is designed to work with the latest microcontroller boards. It’s tested with some of the most widely used controller boards like the NVIDIA Jetson Nano, Raspberry Pi Model B, Odroid XU4 and N2, and the ASUS Tinker Board. Since these boards provide image processing capabilities, the combination with the LEMBA USB Modem allows seamless transmission and information to ground-based units in the case of remotely operated vehicles. 

The connection speed and strength are pretty reliable, thanks to cellular connectivity. Moreover, the device features small footprints and multiple connection options. Therefore, it facilitates users to connect devices according to their project preferences. Since it has an embedded antenna mounted on a flexible PCB, it’s right up there with modern communication devices. 

The LEMBAS USB Modem is suited for various wireless transmission and information relay applications, such as robotics, IoT, security surveillance, drone operations, rovers, and wireless hotspots.


Mouser Electronics [Internet]

Mouser Electronics [Internet]



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