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The IRIS is a miniature, fast deployable, ruggedized, hand-carried, unmanned system. It is designed to support several units such as SWAT, Public Safety, Military, and Law Enforcement. The IRIS can enter small and confined spaces, above or underground, to explore hazardous areas while relaying intelligence and reconnaissance information in real time.



Dimensions 20 x 23 x 11 cm
Military StandardsRuggedized, IP65
Weight 1.85 kg
Max Payload Weight 1 kg)
Speed5 Km/h
CommunicationSecure digital encrypted
Operating Range200 m
Power Supply12 V Replaceable battery
Working Time1-2 hour battery
Payload PortsEthernet, RS232, audio, video
Mechanical InterfacesPicatinny rail
Video & Cameras2 integrated cameras
zoom, laser & audio
Sensor Tilt Module+/- 90 °
Illumination ModuleNIR LED, adjustable brightness
Operational Temperature (MIL STD.)-20 to 60 °C


It's a hand-carried, ruggedized and throwable system fit for extreme conditions: indoors, outdoors, urban warfare or disaster zones. IRIS is controlled by a ruggedized tablet, which allows operators to complete any tactical mission from a safe stand-off distance.

The IRIS can enter  small  and  confined  spaces,  above  or  underground,  to  explore  hazardous  areas  while  relaying  intelligence  and  reconnaissance information in real time. It gets tactical video and audio intel from hard-to-acces venues to reduce mission time and casualties. The ruggedized, small IRIS can be tossed into small, narrow spaces. The IRIS runs quietly in underground tunnels and other urban warfare environments and can be controlled by a single operator.

The IRIS Controller is based on Android 4.4, and has features including a quick-charging, user-replaceable full-shift battery.


Describes the technology, has system highlights, shows it's main applications, and the platform specifications.


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