Wrap-Up of the Vision, Robotics & Motion Show 2024

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20 Jun, 2024

Wrap-Up of the Vision, Robotics & Motion Show 2024

The Vision, Robotics & Motion trade event, held annually in Brabanthallen, 's-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands, successfully concluded its 2024 edition on June 5th and 6th.

The Vision, Robotics & Motion trade event, held annually in Brabanthallen, 's-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands, successfully concluded its 2024 edition on June 5th and 6th. This event offered a comprehensive overview of solutions for smart automation and digitalization opportunities in the manufacturing sector.

This year's event aimed to provide insights into robotics, vision, and motion implementation for engineers and technical specialists in the high-tech and manufacturing industries. It featured over 130 exhibitors, including manufacturers, system integrators, suppliers, and advisors.

Wevolver attended the event and spoke to some of the exhibitors. Below is a list of some of the brilliant companies Wevolver spoke to. 

Key Highlights from the event

Wevolver at Vision, Motion and Robotics 2024


Bechhoff, a German-based company, showcased its machine automation products. Of particular note was their MX system, a standout development in cabinetless machine control. This system integrates IPC, power supply, motion control, and I/O components all on a single plate that can be directly mounted on the machine. This eliminates the need for traditional control cabinets, offering significant time and space savings in industrial settings.


OnLogic, headquartered in the Netherlands, is a global provider of industrial hardware solutions. Their products are notable for being fanless, ensuring that no dust infiltrates the system. In dusty, industrial environments, fanless equipment is essential to ensure longevity and durability. 

Mitsubishi Electric

Mitsubishi Electric showcased a large range of products, from cobots to standard robots and new server motion products to software solutions. They also introduced AI-driven analysis solutions, 3D simulation and inspection software, highlighting their integrated approach to automation and data management. 

VS Technology

VS Technology is a Japanese lens lighting and filter manufacturing company. They displayed a variety of optical solutions including telecentric, fixed focal length, and line scan lenses. They highlighted their ability to offer comprehensive optical solutions across industries, including specialized applications requiring high precision. The company has developed a solution for telecentric lenses with a working distance of up to 220 mm.

Staubli Robotics

Staubli group has mainly three divisions: robotics, connectors, and textiles. At MVR, they displayed their precision robots, emphasizing their applications in sensitive environments such as food and pharmaceuticals. Their robots are known for high speed, precision, repeatability, and easy maintenance.

Fanuc Benelux BV

Fanuc presented their cobot, a collaborative robot that stops when you touch it. It is absolutely safe to be in the neighbourhood of this collaborative robot, which instantly stops upon touch and restarts when touched twice. The robot is equipped with integrated vision, vision system, camera, and software, all from Fanuc. 

Next, they presented their G and C-code-based Power Motion. The code language and G-program enables it to control more than 20 axes simultaneously. This makes it easy for CNC operators to program the motion control themselves.

Then, there was IPC, a new feature for Fanuc that allows for quick actions and fast data control. IPC makes it easy to have a 3D image of the parts inside the box. In that specific case, there were three Bin Pickers installed, and cameras, two on top and one on the side. The two on top had a 3D image of the parts inside the box. The third one was installed for quality control of the product.


Cobotx, a leading system integrator of cobots and robots, showcased a pick-and-place cobot. This cobot is designed to operate safely close to humans, eliminating the need for fences or physical barriers. During a demonstration, the cobot exhibited its ability to slow down to a secure operating speed when a human approached, ensuring safety. Once the person moved out of potential danger, the cobot automatically resumed high-efficiency mode, optimizing productivity.

VS Electronics

VS Electronics showcased their cutting-edge electronic components and modules that are integral to robotic systems. They introduced a new range of sensors and controllers that enhance the operational capabilities of industrial robots, focusing on increasing automation reliability.


Robotize exhibited their latest autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) designed for logistics and warehouse operations. Their robots feature advanced navigation and mapping technologies, allowing for efficient materials handling without human intervention.

Dormac cobots, distributors for Doosan Robotics

Dormac Cobots showcased their collaboration with Doosan Robotics, presenting a range of collaborative robots (cobots) that are easy to integrate into existing production lines. These cobots are particularly noted for their user-friendly interfaces and versatile applications.


Isotron presented their latest industrial automation solutions, including PLCs and interface modules that enhance the efficiency and scalability of manufacturing processes. Their products are known for robust performance in demanding industrial environments.

Multi Rotor Research (MRR Drones)

MRR Drones unveiled their new drone models designed for industrial inspections and aerial surveillance. These drones are equipped with advanced imaging technologies and are capable of operating in challenging environments.


Mitutoyo introduced their latest precision measurement instruments, including digital calipers and micrometers. Their products provide high accuracy in quality control processes across various industries. This accuracy is usually required in industrial and scientific research. 


Cadmes displayed their comprehensive CAD/CAM solutions that streamline the design and manufacturing processes. They highlighted software enhancements that improve collaboration and efficiency in engineering teams. 

Automation, Schneider Electric partner

As a partner of Schneider Electric, Automation showcased its integrated solutions for energy management and automation. Their technologies are designed to enhance efficiency, sustainability and operational control in smart manufacturing environments. 

Manders Automation

Manders Automation featured their custom automation systems that cater to complex industrial tasks. They emphasized solutions that combine robotics, vision systems, and advanced control technologies to optimize production workflows.

A New Focus on Digital Solutions

 This year's trade show was expanded to include a new pillar: Digital Innovation. This new focus centered on exploring digitization opportunities and solutions for companies in the manufacturing industry. Companies like Mitsubishi Electric and Fanuc presented AI-driven analysis solutions, 3D simulation, and inspection software, and Industrial PC (IPC) technology, highlighting a data-driven approach to automation.

Further demonstrating the importance of digitization, Cadmes displayed software improvements for better collaboration and efficiency in engineering teams and Automation, a Schneider Electric partner, showcased integrated solutions for energy management and automation, promoting sustainable and efficient operations.

These digital solutions promise significant benefits for manufacturers. Real-time data analysis allows for predictive maintenance, reduced downtime, and optimized production processes. Improved communication between machines and software facilitates a more connected and efficient factory floor.

Industry Impact of the VRM show

The event addressed current manufacturing challenges by showcasing advancements in automation, digitalization, and human-robot collaboration. These advancements can help manufacturers:

Many of the solutions showcased offer enhancements in production efficiency. For example, the integration of Fanuc’s G-code-based motion control allows for precise operations over multiple axes, significantly speeding up production without sacrificing quality.

The event highlighted how advanced robotics, smart automation, and precision engineering are critical in meeting customer demands for higher-quality products delivered in shorter timescales. Companies like VS Electronics and Isotron displayed components that support high-performance robotics systems capable of operating under demanding industrial conditions.


Vision, Robotics & Motion 2024 was a resounding success. It brought together industry leaders and innovators to showcase the future of manufacturing and automation. 

Feedback from attendees and exhibitors was overwhelmingly positive, with many praising the breadth and quality of the solutions presented.

Looking forward, the next edition of the trade show is expected to further expand on the themes of digitalization and automation with even more innovative solutions. As technology evolves, so too will the capabilities and applications of robotics and motion control in industrial settings.

Additional Information

Visit the official website for more details on this year's highlights or to stay updated about the next Vision, Robotics & Motion event. This resource offers comprehensive information and updates, helping industry professionals stay ahead in a rapidly evolving market.

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