UAV Takes the Heat off Inspectors

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SKYRON High Temperature

SKYRON High Temperature

The world's first high-temperature aerial platform for Close and General Visual Inspection performs a job at 65°C on an offshore platform.

Non-Destructive Testing on FSOs is challenging due to their isolated locations, confined spaces, and high temperatures; it poses a risk of concerning heat exhaustion for inspectors.  

SKYRON-HT, the world's first high-temperature aerial platform, was developed to overcome this challenge. The intelligent flying robot can perform inspections in heat conditions up to 70°C, thanks to its cooling system with a cooled camera enclosure, advanced fluid cooling system, and customized high-temperature motors. 

Additionally, the robot can do continuous temperature monitoring of ambient, frame, motors, camera, and electronics.

Another advantage of this technology is that it requires little labor since the pilot and inspector control the job from their remote control and tablet during the entire inspection process.