The Tech Between Us Podcast: Exploring WiFi 7 with Bruno Tomas

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05 Dec, 2023

The Tech Between Us Podcast: Exploring WiFi 7 with Bruno Tomas

Discover the technical and application details of the latest WiFi standard.

In this episode of The Tech Between Us, podcast guest host Mark Patrick, Technical Content Director for EMEA at Mouser Electronics, joins Bruno Tomas, CTO of the Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA), to discuss the future of communications with WiFi7. 

The podcast delves into WiFi7, the latest connectivity standard, exploring its potential to drastically improve latency, speed, and jitter. This advancement is set to enhance a range of applications, from immersive AR/VR experiences to smoother video streaming and cloud gaming, marking a significant transformation in the wireless communication landscape. 

Listen to the informative interview above or read more about WiFI 7 here.

About the  "The Tech Between Us" Podcast:

"The Tech Between Us" is a podcast series focused on exploring the latest trends and innovations in technology. Each episode features insightful discussions with industry experts, thought leaders, and technology professionals hosted by Raymond Yin. The podcast covers a wide range of topics, from advancements in connectivity, like WiFi7, to emerging technologies in smart homes and beyond. It aims to provide listeners with a deeper understanding of how technology is evolving and impacting our world, both in everyday life and in complex industrial applications. The show is known for its engaging conversations, expert insights, and ability to break down complex technical concepts into understandable and relatable content for its audience.

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